Reader: Drivers who don't respect road conditions can lead to tragedy

Our collection of photos from a weekend crash on I-25 -- one that involved 104 vehicles and led to one fatality and thirty injuries -- spurred a wide variety of responses.

Here's one of the most thoughtful -- a post about the dangers of taking driving in inclement weather for granted.

Sherrie Caroline Murray writes:

I have lived in snow in one place or another for 20 years. There is no prejudice from me, too many drivers, no matter where they may be from, do not respect road conditions. (Four wheel drive does not help you stop.) Take a deep breath, release the throttle, slow down, increase your following distance. (by more than a bumpers length) Try not to consider the merging traffic a personal challenge & let the next guy get on the freeway. City driving is hazardous on the best of days, my friends. Be safe out there.

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Sue Collier
Sue Collier

Yes! And I would like to thank the moron in the mammoth SUV who laid on the horn behind me this morning as I tried to shimmy my small, front-wheel drive car up an icy hill on Dry Creek. It may have taken me a full 30 seconds to spin my way (safely!) off the ice patch. I am SO sorry to have inconvenienced you.

Michele May
Michele May

Thank you Devin. Amen. Good Lord someone else with common sense.

Channing Henson
Channing Henson

Thanks for the watered-down sanctimony, its really helpful.

Michele May
Michele May

I agree with her, but people STAY OUT OF THE LEFT LANE, unless you are (carefully) passing. You idiots who pack the left lane, in any conditions, create more problems for everyone.

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