Photos: How John Travolta would mispronounce the names of Colorado celebrities

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Big photos below.
One of the weirdest moments in this year's Oscars came when John Travolta pronounced the name of Frozen co-star Idina Menzel as "Adele Dazeem." (If you missed it, we've included the video below.) Inspired, the folks at Slate came up with a widget that lets folks type in any name to find out how Travolta would butcher it .

How would Johnny T mangle the monikers of Colorado celebrities like John Elway, Adele Arakawa, Lindsey Vonn and John Hickenlooper? Continue to check out the hilarious results.

Number 10:

Number 9:
Continue to keep counting down our top-ten list of the ways John Travolta would mispronounce the names of Colorado celebrities.

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Sterling Meeks
Sterling Meeks

I would wager that Michael Roberts's mother was, herself, "Travoltafried" in his Urban Cowboy heyday.

Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez

and he's a scientologist so that's probably not the dumbest thing he's ever done lol

Naomi Wolinsky
Naomi Wolinsky

Just keep feeding the fire. Maybe you can keep this alive until next year's Oscars.

Naomi Wolinsky
Naomi Wolinsky

Sad. I live in a culture were public bullying has come to be the norm. Shame on you Westword.

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