Nancy Pfister: Katherine Carpenter, who found socialite's body, joins couple busted in murder

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Last week, we updated you on the investigation into the murder of Nancy Pfister, a socialite whose body was discovered in a closet of her tony Aspen home; see our previous coverage below.

Retired Denver-area doctor William Styler and his wife Nancy had previously been arrested in relation to the crime. Now, both have been formally charged with murder, and so has Katherine Carpenter, a bank employee and friendly Pfister associate who discovered the remains. Learn the latest below.

As we've reported, Pfister's parents co-founded the Buttermilk ski area, and she's long been a part of the Aspen social scene. Indeed, the U.K. Daily Mail reports that she was briefly engaged to marry the actor Michael Douglas.

Nancy Pfister in a cropped photo from her Facebook page dated November 2013.
In recent years, Pfister has been best known for her philanthropic efforts, and she traveled widely. However, she reportedly had to cut short a trip to Australia earlier this year because of problems with the Stylers, to whom she'd been renting a house. Here's the screen capture of a Facebook post alluding to the situation:
Click to enlarge.
The Kathy Carpenter mentioned in the note had been hired by Pfister over the years to rent the home where the Stylers had been staying, according to the Aspen Times.

Carpenter, an employee of Alpine Bank in Aspen, is also the person who found Pfister's body on February 26 and called authorities. But while all of the investigative attention early on seemed to be directed toward the Stylers, who are said to have been in at least some degree of financial distress, Carpenter was being eyed for complicity, too.

A screen capture of Pfister's Aspen home.
The Times notes that Carpenter's Subaru was seized by law enforcers along with the Stylers' Jaguar.

On Friday, Carpenter was arrested. She made her first court appearance yesterday, and the Stylers showed up at the courthouse as well. There, the couple, who are in their sixties, were formally charged with first-degree murder.

Look below to see Carpenter's booking photo, followed by our previous coverage.

Katherine Carpenter.
Continue for our previous coverage about the murder of Nancy Pfister, including photos and video.

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Charlene McCune
Charlene McCune

I am actually shocked that a doctor would commit murder... over a house that isn't his? ridiculous...

Legen Dairy
Legen Dairy

They look guilty to me. My heart to the families

Lizzy Guilfoy
Lizzy Guilfoy

really sad hope juliana is doing well bless her heart

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