Meet Sean VanDerAa, just-sentenced therapist, who got erections during pervy massages

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Sean VanDerAa -- yes, that's how his name is spelled -- was a professional massage therapist who gave clients a little something extra. Like, for instance, a view of his erection. And that wasn't the only creepiness in which he specialized, judging by his recent sentencing for unlawful sexual contact.

Does he deserve to be our latest Schmuck of the Week? Read the following details about his interactions with nearly a dozen women from their twenties to seventies and decide for yourself.

According to the First Judicial District DA's office, the 36-year-old VanDerAa worked at Unified Health Group in Arvada.

The operation has an active Facebook page featuring information supplemented by humorous memes like this one:
Turns out, though, that remembering a massage appointment with VanDerAa brought risks of its own.

During sessions, the DA's office maintains that VanDerAa "manipulated the hands of the victims, as they were lying on a massage table, so that they were cupping or touching their genitals."

In addition, he allegedly touched the breasts of some clients while massaging them.

And he may have massaged himself afterward, given the erections that he's said to have sprouted on more than one occasion.

A photo from the Arvada Police Department's Facebook page.
Such activities inspired a victim to contact the Arvada Police Department in June 2013, and over the course of the subsequent investigation, detectives discovered plenty of others who'd gotten more than they'd bargained for: eleven women in total.

The youngest was 25. The oldest was 76.

This past December, VanDerAa pleaded guilty to three counts -- felony unlawful sexual contact on an at-risk victim, felony unlawful sexual contact regarding seven other women, and misdemeanor unlawful sexual contact on three more.

The sentence? Eight years of Sex Offender Intensive Supervision Probation, with 300 days in a work-release program. VanDerAa is also required to register as a sex offender.

And if that rubs him the wrong way, well, he's admitted to doing the same to plenty of others.

Here's a larger look at VanDerAa's mug shot.

Sean VanDerAa.
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LindaLee Law
LindaLee Law

each woman offended should be able to do him harm

Brent Dishneau
Brent Dishneau

As a CMT this type of situation is what makes it difficult for the rest of us actual professionals in the industry. I would hope people out there know that there ARE male therapists capable of doing a therapeutic massage without turning it into something sexual.

Michael Vest
Michael Vest

Maybe his new clients in jail will have boners too

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