Sebastian Littlejohn's mistaken jail release latest embarrassment for Denver Sheriff's Office

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At a press conference yesterday, the Denver Sheriff's Office tried to explain how Sebastian Littlejohn, who was being held in Denver jail on charges related to violent felony beefs, was mistakenly set free, only to be recaptured a day later. This time, the sheriff's office may not be at fault. But the incident is only the latest embarrassment for the DSO, following the busts of two deputies -- one who allegedly helped an inmate escape, the other who allegedly hosted a pukey hot tub party with fourteen-year-old girls.

According to 7News, Littleton, eighteen, was busted last fall on suspicion of robbery and kidnapping involving sexual assault. In addition, 9News notes that Littlejohn has a previous aggravated robbery conviction on his record.
The Denver detention center, as seen in a 9News image.
Clearly, the sheriff's office had plenty of reasons to keep Littlejohn behind bars. But on Monday, personnel received information authorizing his release from custody -- so he was set free.

Problem is, the paperwork had been sent in error. The gaffe was discovered yesterday morning, at which time the Denver Police Department was brought into the loop and asked to help round him up.

Denver Sheriff Gary Wilson at the press conference.
The DPD did its job, and within 24 hours or so, Littlejohn was back behind bars. But there were plenty of questions for Denver Sheriff Gary Wilson about how he'd wound up back on the streets in the first place.

At this point, Wilson believes the DSO followed proper procedure in regard to the paperwork. If so, the agency that issued the release may be primarily at fault. But there are also concerns that policies in place to check the veracity of such documents may be lacking, and revelations in that arena could land at the DSO's doorstep.

Meanwhile, the mistaken release recalls memories of Felix Trujillo, who escaped from the Denver jail last year with the assistance of Deputy Matthew Andrews, who was arrested and charged for his actions.

Surveillance footage of Deputy Matthew Andrews appearing to help Felix Trujillo escape from Denver jail last year.
And that's not to mention Paul Della Rosa, a veteran deputy who found himself on the wrong end of the handcuffs after he reportedly supplied booze at a hot tub party for some fourteen-year-old girls at a Black Hawk casino.

Westword has covered both the Trujillo and Della Rosa stories. Get more details about each case in our previous coverage, shared here.

In the meantime, look below to see a larger version of Littlejohn's booking photo, followed by a 9News report and our previous coverage of the Paul Della Rosa and Felix Trujillo cases, featuring more photos and videos.

Sebastian Littlejohn.

Continue for our original coverage of the Paul Della Rosa and Felix Trujillo cases, including photos and videos.

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Shonna Lynn Perrymond
Shonna Lynn Perrymond

uhhhhh? Denver Sheriff's dept is doing just as bad as DOC when it comes to making mistakes

Christine Nicole
Christine Nicole

This is disgusting. Shame on the DSO for allowing a sexual predator to roam free, even for a day.

Jordan Snyder
Jordan Snyder

Oh I don't know, maybe fire someone so that the sheriff's office isn't seen as an old boy's club that protects its own. Nah that would make too much sense and only happens in the private sector.

Robert Burrows
Robert Burrows

Sheriffs Are among the laziest and the dumbest people alive!

Suni Daze
Suni Daze

y cant i attach a photo in this comment section ?

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