Top twelve things to do in Denver on St. Patrick's Day weekend

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Denver blog posts are all about the green.

At our Show & Tell blog, Bree Davies lists a dozen great ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day weekend.

Big Media's Jason Salzman asks: Can Tom Tancredo really ride a joint into the governor's office?

Coyote Gulch spotlights Google Maps' #ColoradoRiver Street View. Curb your enthusiasm.

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Empyrean Eclipse
Empyrean Eclipse

Why isn't "Sit at home and get drunk alone" on the list?

Jimmy Curtis
Jimmy Curtis

I'm disappointed that "Go to Scruffy Murphy's, get blind drunk and have unprotected sex with a ginger" didn't make the list.

Kevin Doyle
Kevin Doyle

Fado's is kind of a Disneyland irish bar

Dan Brown
Dan Brown

Years ago, Fado's Irish pub needed volunteers for their doubledecker bus in the parade, and I helped them out by bringing in a bunch of friends, in exchange for drinks at the bar afterwards. We decorated the bus, we did the parade, we cleaned up the bus... and then bar management denied owing us anything. It's been a long time, and I don't even drink anymore, but I still remember what jerks they are at that bar.

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