Stephvon Atencio, James Dominguez-Castor busted in slaying of elderly Lakewood man (43)

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Big photos below.
Stephvon Atencio's red eyes in his booking photo suggests that he'd been crying some time before the image was snapped.

Presumably, those close to an elderly Lakewood man were shedding tears, too, but for a very different reason. The man was found dead in a trailer on Saturday -- after which Atencio, twenty, and James Cameron-Dominguez, 22, were arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder. Continue for details and lots of photos, including plenty Atencio took of himself.

Atencio's Facebook page features a large collection of selfies, most of them of the mirror-in-the-bathroom variety. Here's one example....

...and another....

stephvon.atencio.facebook.2.jpg well as a minor variation on the theme:

The latest photo of Atencio displays considerably less bravado, and that's understandable under the circumstances.

At about 9:40 a.m. on Saturday, March 1, according to the Lakewood Police Department, officers charged with conducting a welfare check arrived at a residence on the 1500 block of Depew Street, an area captured in the following interactive graphic; if you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

View Larger Map

Inside, they found the body of an elderly male; he hasn't been identified yet pending contact with his relatives. And while they didn't immediately know the cause of death, they quickly came to the conclusion that a person or persons had taken his life.

Continue for more about the arrest of Stephvon Atencio and James Dominguez-Castor, including additional photos.

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Douchebag Bathroom Abdominal Selfies = Social Failure ... much like Neck / Face Tattoos

Kendra Bell
Kendra Bell

I can't begin to even fathom how someone could hurt someone so helpless and innocent. Sad.


Damn I knew this kid since kindergarten he used to live across the street crazy how things play out what a shame!! How sad


Crying because he got caught. Probably laughing while they killed the old man. Sick freaks.

Scott McMahon
Scott McMahon

Or guilty unless you can prove you have money

Sean Monette
Sean Monette

They did it u already know don't act stupid u fucking morons

Justin Winchell
Justin Winchell

^they've been arrested on suspicion of the crime.. What ever happened to "innocent until proven guilty?"

Scott Miles
Scott Miles

Bye bye human trash. Enjoy lockup for the rest of your sorry miserable pathetic lives.

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