Ten of the toughest Best of Denver categories to win twice, and who took home the prize in 2014

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In February, we shared ten of the toughest Best Of categories to win twice. From the best bartender (Courtney Wilson) to the best burger in Denver (Highland Tap & Burger), the winners were a tableau of Mile High success.

As turns out, only one of those ten winners would come back to pull off a repeat in 2014. Read on to find out our new champions -- and the lucky winner who scored back-to-back victories.

Pick up a copy to read the full write-ups. And as always, you can find the full Best of Denver list on our site.

Number 10: Best Bartender -- Marcel Templet

"I think I love you," swooned the woman at the bar, her proclamation intended for the bartender who'd just slid a textbook-perfect Manhattan under her nose. Marcel Templet, the veteran who's been behind the booze at Capital Grille for ten years, is an everyman's bartender, an effortlessly affable guy who's mastered the art of greeting every stain of lipstick and every tint of tie by name while simultaneously commiserating with a just-dumped barfly, announcing game scores, juggling four liquor bottles and reciting the backstory of every spirit he pours.

2013 winner: Courtney Wilson

Number 9: Best hair on a TV personality, female -- Corey Rose

How did Corey Rose ever decide to go into TV news? Her glamorous look makes her seem more like a model, a spokeswoman, or one of those actresses who always seem to travel with their own personal wind machine.

2013 winner: Anastasiya Bolton

Number 8: Best Bronco -- Peyton Manning

Brandon Marshall
We know, we know: Praising Peyton Manning after the team's most recent Super Bowl humiliation feels wrong somehow. But remember the season that preceded that blowout. Not only did Number 18 set a whole slew of Broncos records, but he shattered marks for touchdown passes and yardage through the air for the league as a whole en route to his unprecedented fifth Most Valuable Player award.

Read on for more of the ten toughest Best of Denver categories to win -- and who took them home in 2014.

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