Thirty years of the Best of Denver, told by cartoon

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Noah Van Sciver
For thirty years, we've been compiling the top things to do, see, eat, visit and more in our annual Best of Denver issue. In that time we've had some pretty unusual categories, running the gamut from the Best Bus Line to Best Obscene Phone Call Reported to Police. To celebrate three decades on the case, cartoonist Noah Van Sciver gathered and illustrated thirty of the most notable awards we've given out throughout the years. Check out his picks below.

Pick up a copy of our 2014 Best of Denver guide (on newsstands today) to find out what's hot in Denver this year.


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2014 - Best Inside Jokes That Only Westword Staff Would Remember Or Think Is Funny Compiled As Cartoons: This article! Congrats guys!

"I got an idea - let's make a cartoon about all the random Best Of categories we've given out over the years! And let's make sure most of the references are super obscure or an inside joke you had to be there for!" Awesome!

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

... The Best Cartoonist in the last 30 years was Kenny Be.

Wasteword began its descent into the shitter the day he was fired.

HipTip: Kenny Be *was* Westword.

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