Weird Photo Wednesday top ten, early 2014 edition

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Big photos below.
Is the Denver Public Library promoting bestiality? Not exactly -- although there are plenty of beasts featured in the pics below, culled from the DPL's amazing digital collection and regularly shared under the banner Weird Photo Wednesday. We first highlighted Weird Photo Wednesday in an August 2013 post. But thanks to Western History & Genealogy department senior librarian James Rogers, there's been plenty more weirdness since then, as those who've liked the Western History Department's Facebook page know full well. Count down our latest top ten below.

Note: The text below is from the original (and linked) Weird Photo Wednesday items.

Number 10: How to make sure your kids never want to play with dolls again
Denver Public Library/Western History Collection
I knew I should have kept the instructions!

Now which part goes where? Matching doll heads to torsos is not as easy as it seems. Here a Denver Fire Department fireman is working with doll heads. -- November 13, 2013

Number 9: Going ape for Girl Scout cookies
Denver Public Library/Western History Collection
What's her favorite girl scout cookie flavor?

Thin Mints, Samoas, Peanut Butter Patties...they're all good! And I'm sure the special guest in this photograph likes them all. Who wouldn't? And she's also selling Russell Stover candies. Yum! -- November 27, 2013

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