Reader: I'll be at 4/20 in Civic Center this year, and so will neck-tattoo-having thugs

Photo by Brandon Marshall
The aftermath of the shooting at the 4/20 Civic Center event last year.
In a post yesterday, a Denver police spokesman discussed the department's approach to 4/20 at Civic Center Park given laws against public smoking and a still-unsolved shooting that cut the even short in 2013. Plenty of readers weighed in on the issue, with a number of them raising concerns about last year's violence -- including this one.

KeepItInUrPants writes:

I'll be there just like last year. So will the ignorant gang-bangers that love to flock to this event. Note to all neck-tattoo-having thugs: Please leave your children and guns at home. You seem to be irresponsible with both of them. This is an important event where people come together to celebrate the cannabis plant. Please don't ruin it yet again this year with your stupidity.

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

... Neck-tattoo-having thugs are stoners too !!

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