Readers' favorite places to eat in Denver when they're drunk and shameless

Our Denver Blogs feature recently highlighted a Cafe Society comment in which one reader said he ate at Viva Burrito when he was drunk and without shame. When we shared it, we asked Facebook followers for their favorite drunk-and-shameless stops, and we got loads o' responses. Here's a sampling.

Legen Dairy writes:

Favorite place?? Ehhh no it still sucks but it's Taco Bell or two fisted Mario's.
Gene Anderson writes:
At the y of course!
Jef RV writes:
Ann Hershfeldt writes:
Mary Jane's Pizza on 32nd and Tejon in LoHi.
Ollie North writes:
Gunnar Manson Anselmo writes:
Taco Star or Denny's!
Melissa Bice writes:
Pete's Kitchen !!!! Or The Breakfast King.
Jah Seeka writes:
Anthony Zabala writes:
Joke. Your mom's house!

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Elizabeth Sack
Elizabeth Sack

Drunk and shameless? Hmm...usually that's the Bull and Bush. Hungover and shameless = Benny's.

Lester Craig
Lester Craig

Pete's was always my place to go when I lived in Denver. I always go there when I come back for a visit.

Dave Nowlin
Dave Nowlin

Usually home! But, I say Old Chicago!!!

RobertChase topcommenter

"we got loads o' responses" -- I bet; Denver is jammed with shameless drunks!

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