Photos: Best Hair male Denver TV personalities -- the 2014 top ten
Big photos below.
Yesterday, we shared our list of the top ten Best Hair on female Denver TV personalities countdown, featuring the 2014 Best of Denver champ and the nine other local on-screen talents who missed the big prize by just a hair or two.

Now, it's the guys' turn.

Look below to see the dudes who made our top ten, and keep counting down until you reach the 2014 champion.

Number 10:

Chris Parente, Fox31/CW 2

Number 9:

Mike Landess, 7News

Continue counting down the Best Hair male Denver TV personalities for 2014.

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Jared Berger
Jared Berger

Wait, this is a thing people care about? I'm not trying to be a negative Nancy on Facebook like so many others I see on the Westword posts - but really?

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