Photos: Most memorable mug shots of February 2014 -- on April Fool's Day

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Big photos below.
Traditionally, April Fool's Day is a time to play tricks on others. But this time around, we played one on ourselves. As we were assembling a post featuring March's most memorable mug shots (it's coming later this week), we discovered we'd neglected to publish one for February. Hard to say why, since there were plenty of strong images, including the smiling photo of Emily Anderson snapped after she allegedly tried beating her boyfriend to death with a table leg. Check out our top fifteen below, and be sure to click on the links or captions to read our original coverage.

Kevin Denolf.
Read more in "Fifteen all-time most memorable face-and-neck-tattoo mug shots list welcomes Kevin Denolf."

Don Pooley.
Read more in "Don Pooley, dead hostage taker, celebrated shooting cops, posted about his doom."

Tashima Littleton.
Read more in "Nicolas Ortega: Mysterious run across the highway leads to hit-and-run tragedy."

Continue to see more of February's fifteen most memorable mug shots.

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