Update: See all 73 recreational marijuana shops Denver has licensed so far

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Big photos below.
It's not easy to keep up with all the recreational marijuana shops licensed by the City of Denver.

Our most recent update, published on April 3, featured 65 stores that have won the blessing of officials. Now, during the lead-up to the annual 4/20 festivities, the total has reached 73.

All the licensed shops are included here, along with photos, videos, links and excerpts from reviews of the ones visited by Westword marijuana critic William Breathes. Count them down below.

Number 73:

A photo from the Colorado Cannabis Facility Facebook page.
Colorado Cannabis Facility

4600 North Ironton Street
Denver, CO 80239

Number 72:
A Google Maps image of the 2777 South Colorado Boulevard home of Nutritional Elements.
Nutritional Elements

2777 South Colorado Boulevard
Denver, CO 80222

Number 71:
High Level Health

2028 East Colfax Avenue
Denver, CO 80206

Number 70:

A photo from the Euflora Facebook page.

401 16th Street
Denver, CO 80202

Number 69:

A photo from the Rocky Mountain High website.
Rocky Mountain High

1538 Wazee Street
Denver, CO 80202

Number 68:

Natures Cure III as seen on Google Maps.
Natures Cure III

1500 East Colfax Avenue
Denver, CO 80218

An excerpt from William Breathes's December 2013 review: "Nature's Cure III is on Humboldt and East Colfax. And not the new Colfax with fancy brew pubs and shiny condos. This is still Colfax Colfax. A spot where you can see a dude rapping to himself at the bus stop, a hooker walking in heels stumbling past the furniture rental place, and a drunk pissing himself while half-passed out after bumming for change and downing a bottle of cheap gin from Scooter Liquors."

Number 67:
Here's what The Green Depot looks like on Google Maps.
The Green Depot

2020 South Broadway
Denver, CO 80210

An excerpt from William Breathes's January 2014 review: "In every city, there are buildings known for being complete black holes for any restaurant or bar that tries to open. I can think of a few in Denver off the top of my head, including one at the corner of 11th and Lincoln, where dance clubs, mescal bars and wanna-be hipster hangouts have burned out within a year, if not a few months. Similarly, over the last five years, I've seen the same thing happen in the medical marijuana world in Denver, at the South Broadway storefront currently occupied by the Green Depot. But this center may have finally found the formula for breaking the curse."

Number 66:
An image from the RiverRock Facebook page.

990 West 6th Avenue
Denver, CO 80204

Continue to see more of the 73 recreational marijuana shops Denver has licensed so far.

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

      ==> Get REGULATED, Bitches! ... You Begged For It !! <==

Legislative committee passes new restrictions on marijuana edibles

A bill in the Colorado legislature to put extra safety restrictions on marijuana-infused edible products passed its first test Thursday.

The bill would require marijuana edibles to eventually be made in a unique shape or with a unique stamp or color to differentiate them from other food products. It would be up to the state Department of Revenue to figure out the exact regulations and have them in place by 2016.

The bill won unanimous approval in its first legislative committee hearing Thursday, but it still must survive several more votes in the session's closing weeks to make it to the governor's desk.

Proponents of the bill, House Bill 1366, say it is needed to prevent accidental ingestion of marijuana-infused products — such as brownies or candies — once they are removed from their labeled packaging. Supporters say kids and adults alike have increasingly consumed marijuana products accidentally since the beginning of legal sales.

"Those products are deceptive because they are so much more than what they appear," said Rachel O'Bryan, a member of the group Smart Colorado, which is concerned about the impacts of marijuana legalization on kids.

The bill has backing from some marijuana advocates, but others opposed it Thursday, arguing it would limit consumer choice and that public education campaigns would be more effective.

Several lawmakers brought up the death of Levi Thamba, a college student who jumped to his death earlier this year after eating multiple servings of a marijuana edible.

                  **** REGULATION WORKS !! ****

Bradley Crable
Bradley Crable

65 places to stay away from if you're a red card holder! Thanks for the info....

Marcia Hunsaker
Marcia Hunsaker

Enough of these we will have enough low income workers in the state to attack the high rollers. Bwahaha

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

"After my last visit, I wrote that "Walking Raven feels like that hippie [sic] [SIC] kid's hangout in high school." Now, two years later, the place feels like that high-school hippy [SIC] has moved on and is now in his first post-dorm house at a pot-friendly liberal arts college in Vermont."

You still can't get it right, the word is HIPPIE, not hippy, unless you're referring to someone with wide hips.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter


The Best Prices and Best Bud come from Private Individual Caregiver / Growers!

Boycott the Greedy Big $$ Dispensary Cartels!

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

... why? ... are you stupid and lazy enough to pay grossly inflated prices for warehouse schwag from Greedy Big $$ Dispensary Cartels?


@DonkeyHotay It's nice that you think you know how to use big words, and then you show your ignorance with a ridiculously inappropriate reference to rape.

Shame on you, you piece of shit.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@Jay555 ... only a pea-brained imbecile like you would think the words I use are "big".

Now bend over and get RAPED by the FIST of REGULATION lubed with lobbying $$ from the Greedy Big $$ Dispensary Cartels.


I get so excited when I can troll.  YEAH!    I don't know much, but I sure can pretend.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter



Now Bück Dich and feel that fist of regulation all up inside you, sucker.

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