Photos: High Times 2014 Cannabis Cup winners -- and William Breathes's take

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Four years into High Times throwing the Cannabis Cup in Denver, and it finally feels like the event has hit its full, madhouse-crazy stride -- thanks in large part to a venue change from the cramped, maze-like confines of Exdo to the wide-open, somewhat-dingy-but-perfect-for-throwing-a-wild-party confines of the Denver Mart.

The scope of this year's Cup was light years beyond what has gone on in the past. The organizers have truly stepped it up and created a spectacle so huge that it was mind-boggling. The smell of weed smoke literally could be noticed from the interstate running near the venue. On top of that, the number of vendors seems to have tripled. They all started to blend together, there were so many. Which, honestly, is a good problem to have.

Even though the Cannabis Cup is in Denver, I would argue that Denverites and Coloradans aren't really their target market. Instead, I think the High Times crew is targeting people in the rest of the country, who don't get to see a pound of flowers on display every week -- like the group of juggalos from Texas walking around smoking blunts, some frat bros from Oklahoma, and all the Californians, who are really, really into this whole weed-culture thing.

Clearly, High Times had a huge success on their hands. When I drove up 58th on Sunday afternoon around 1 p.m., there were hundreds of people milling around outside of the venue. Parking was a nightmare, which was understandable when you got in and saw how completely packed the place was.

Inside the sprawling convention center, High Times had set up a theater room for seminars and, later, the award ceremony. During the talks from growers, breeders, hash makers and other cannabis personalities, about half of the audience paid attention while the other half tried to beat the Sunday heat in the cool(er) shade of the room -- several twisting up joints or doing dabs on small oil rigs. In the hall adjacent to the room, there were light vendors and glass booths set up. But for the most part, the space was dull compared to the adult-use area in the back parking lot.

High Times set up a massive grid of booths this year, and after a while everything started to blend together -- mostly because all of them were offering up dabs or hits of herb just like their neighbors.

That, of course, is the main draw of the Cannabis Cup for most people: free weed. Lines stretched down the aisles at some booths, where hits of shatter were being doled out. A few entrepreneurial California booths even started selling dabs for a few bucks a pop and clearing whole grams by "giving" them out with the purchase of price-inflated $60 T-shirts or $40 plastic containers. Not that anyone seemed to care. Even the Douglas County cops who walked by the booths openly selling the herb didn't seem to be bothered.

Is it fun? Yes. If you enjoy cannabis, of course.

Though that could depend on what your definition of fun is. If, for example, you like waiting around in lines in the heat to take a half-dab of wax that may or may not be well made from the same bong several hundred people already used, then it was awesome. So was seeing hundreds of glass pipes that cost more than the mortgage on my grandparents' first home. If you simply enjoy being around other people smoking marijuana just for the sake of being around people smoking marijuana, then this was Fun City for you. It's like tailgating for a concert without the actual concert, plus a lot more weed and scantily clad women wearing pot leaves on their boobs.

But if you think crowds of stoned tourists bumbling around in endless circles aren't that great and you've got your own herb at home to smoke, then it probably isn't going to offer much to you after the first hour or so. For most of us, the pleasure lies somewhere in the middle. One day is probably enough, but you should definitely get down there next year and see it for yourself at least once.

Or, finally, if you're like me and suffering from a pretty bad upper-respiratory infection, it's like being a severe diabetic in a candy shop. While I would love to be able to tell you which booth had the best shatter or herb, I didn't want to get myself even more sick by smoking out of a dirty bubbler after everyone else. And neither did I want to be a dick and get anyone else sick.

At the end of the day, the Cannabis Cup helped fuel the progression we've been seeing. All of those kids from Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, New York, New Zealand, Australia and other corners of the world who were there over the weekend are going to go home and tell their friends -- and they're going to start realize it's bullshit that they can't just do the same kind of thing in their own home states or countries. Conversations will start about how stupid it is that you can get legally high as a giraffe's ass in Colorado on a substance that can earn you life in prison just a few hundred miles to the east.

Oh, and the Cup crew awarded some prizes for the top cannabis in Colorado as judged by locals and cannabis stars such as Cheech and Chong.

Continue to see the winners of the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup below, supplemented by more photos.

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I was involved with High Times for years reeferman seeds i can tell you in that after 2005 its all rigged the cups go where the add $ is or they throw cups to new folks to sell adds its big business , these guys allow fake reeferman adds to run in there magazine they know full well the guy is a fraud but he pays for adds .

Its a Joke 

Charles Reeferman scott


The fact that MMJ America placed at all the past 2 years proves it's a complete farce, bought and paid for. 25 dollar an 1/8 mass produced warehouse weed placing in a national competition, what a joke. 

Joey Knittel
Joey Knittel

Meet the people who paid money to win a competition.......


Stoners used to be rebellious, now they're just cattle caged in a fence, grazing on whatever they find. 

DonkeyHotay topcommenter


I'm shocked, shocked to find that corruption, lies and fraud exist in the Cannabis Clown Show! -- Captain Cannabis

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@Monkey  ... like Bongsucker Billy, thinking he's edgy, cool and "an expert on all things cannabis" ... because he purchases a few GRAMS of retail, overtaxed, over-regulated, government controlled warehouse schwag once a week from the Greedy Big $$ Dispensary Cartels.

The whole Cannabis Clown Circus has become about as cool and hip as some overweight tramp-stamped halter-topped ripped-jeans 2x too small muffin top beer bellied whores sucking on a keg-hose of Coors light.

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