Pamela Phillips, ex-Aspen socialite, convicted in car-bomb death of her ex-husband

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Aspen socialites and crime aren't usually synonymous -- but two recent high-profile cases are exceptions.

We recently reported about the shocking murder of Nancy Pfister, whose parents founded the Buttermilk ski area. And now, Pamela Phillips, a high roller who called Aspen home as recently as 2008, has been convicted in Arizona of hiring a man to kill her ex-husband, Gary Triano, using a car bomb.

Continue for photos, videos and the lurid details.

A good outline of the saga is offered in a 2010 piece by True Crime Report, a Westwordsister blog -- and it begins with a literal bang.

Back in 1996, after finishing a round of golf at a Tucson country club, Triano, described as a wealthy businessman, hopped in his Lincoln, presumably not knowing that friends were waiting to throw him a surprise birthday party. But he never made it to the festivities. A remote control pipe bomb had been placed in his ride, and it exploded with deadly force.
Gary Triano's car after the explosion.
Afterward, TCR notes that there was no shortage of suspects, since Triano "had engaged in a number of shady deals" and "lawsuits had begun to accumulate." And then there was Phillips, who was the beneficiary of a $2 million life insurance policy Triano had taken out for his kids even though the couple had separated three years before.

A decade passed without an arrest. But then Ronald Young was busted in Florida on a weapons charge that soon mushroomed into much more serious allegations.

Gary Triano.
Young had reportedly had a relationship with Phillips in Aspen some time earlier -- and tapes featuring conversations between the two of them implicated both in the Triano killing.

The gist: Phillips had allegedly pledged to give Young $400,000 if he eliminated Triano. After he did so, however, she seems to have welshed on the payout -- although she insisted on the tapes that she was merely afraid the cops would become suspicious if she withdrew so much cash from her bank account all at once.

Chats between Phillips and Young touched on FedEx drops and ATM withdrawals, and some dough appears to have been funneled to Young via real estate and Internet companies affiliated with Phillips. But he still insisted that she had shorted him more than $200,000, and he wasn't happy about it.

Ronald Young.
An affidavit quoted him as saying, "You're gonna be in a women's prison for murder."

On the surface, this information would seem to have been more than enough to justify an indictment. Yet Young wasn't arrested until 2008, when he was in California.

As for Phillips, she got out while the getting was good. Police are said to have been poised to fit her with cuffs, too -- but by the time they made her move, she'd split from Aspen in favor of Italy.

Continue for more about the conviction of former Aspen socialite Pamela Phillips, including more photos and two videos.

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

 After he did so, however, she seems to have welshed on the payout --

If you're going to libel the Welsh, why not libel the Jews or Gypsies too and declare that she Gypped or Jewed him out of payment?

George White
George White

Years of plastic surgery has not been kind to her.

Kristi Adducci
Kristi Adducci

Looks like she just came from her Botox therapy for this mugshot.

Chad Kautzer
Chad Kautzer

Is Denver Westword intentionally pushing a white supremacist agenda? Despite the fact that almost all the horrifying things people in Colorado do to each other (e.g. rape, murder, abuse, etc.) are done by white people, you continually begin your articles about white perpetrators with "Well you wouldn't normally associate a white person with murder, but that's what happened here..." You never start articles about, for example, black murderers with that line. Now, despite this being consistently pointed out to you, you keep doing it, which means you have an agenda (or you're too incredibly stupid to even reflect on your white bias). Perhaps you could write an article about yourself: "Well you wouldn't normally associate white males writing for a free weekly in Denver with white supremacy, but a study (conducted by others more reflective than ourselves) of our articles demonstrates precisely that connection..."

Dan Scott
Dan Scott

Lol @Aspen Social scene. Sounds better than local drunken barfly.

Johnson Lori
Johnson Lori

the botox must have leaked into her brain.

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