Photos: 10 things you shouldn't do when stuck in traffic on icy roads but lots of you probably will

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We understand the temptation to do something other than drive on a day like today. After all, when the roads are icy and many of us are already out of the winter mindset (because we spent Saturday in shorts and T-shirts), getting stuck in a traffic jam is even a bigger drag than usual. But just because it's boring doesn't mean you should fill the time with distractions. After all, you'll be even later to work if your car winds up looking like an accordion. Here's our photo-illustrated list of the ten things you shouldn't do when stuck in traffic on icy roads.

Number 10: Text

You know how when you're driving along in the fast lane and encounter a vehicle going unaccountably slow -- and when you pass it on the right, you're not surprised in the slightest that the driver is texting? Well, on days when the road conditions are lousy, a lot of people are introduced to the driving texter in a different way: when his or her car smacks into yours from behind.

Number 9: Groom yourself

When you know the commute is going to take longer than usual, but you didn't get up any earlier, it may seem like a great time saver to comb your hair, brush your teeth or apply makeup behind the wheel. But not only do all these tasks make you all but incapable of taking preventative action if your car starts to skid, but you'll wind up doing a crappy job at all of these tasks. Expect your hair to look like you styled it with an eggbeater, your mouth to be ringed with toothpaste residue and your lipstick and blush combining in a special homage to Krusty the Clown.

Continue to keep counting down the ten things you shouldn't do while stuck in traffic on icy roads.

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