Update: Timothy Baca allegedly killed his mom because she was "possessed by demons" (47)

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Update: Yesterday, we told you about the arrest of 41-year-old Timothy Baca for allegedly killing his mother and then wounding two police officers as they tried to take him into custody; see our previous coverage below.

Now, more details are emerging about the crime itself, with Baca quoted in a police report as saying that he committed the murder because his mom had been possessed by demons and he needed to "make things right with God."

The latest information comes courtesy of 7News, which obtained the affidavit. According to the station, the body of Bernice Medina, Baca's mom, was discovered early on the morning of March 28 by a family friend. Baca had called the woman on his mom's cell phone and asked that she come to the family's Lakewood home to pray.

Upon her arrival, she discovered Medina's body and encountered Baca, who told her that he'd slapped his mom because she'd been "growling and snorting."

No surprise the woman quickly split, then informed the Lakewood Police Department about what had happened.

Baca, whose criminal history includes assault and domestic violence, was still at the apartment when the cops arrived, but he didn't let them inside. Instead, he spoke to one sergeant over the phone. He said he'd gotten into an argument with his mom, and before long, he concluded that she'd been "possessed by demons." In response, he claimed to have done God's will by killing her. "Tim said he was sorry, but it had to be done," the affidavit states.

The sergeant gave Baca three minutes to come outside on his own, and when he didn't do so, he and his fellows busted in to discover he'd vacated the premises. He left behind Medina's body, which was posed on a bed, her head on a pillow, her hands in her lap and blood on her face.

The Jeffco coroner subsequently determined that she'd died from a severe beating; she had three fractured ribs and a broken nose, among other injuries.

Meanwhile, an alert went out for Baca -- and that evening, officers found him at his father's home. Even though he injured the hands of two cops with a knife, they still managed to take him into custody. He's currently being held without bond on suspicion of first-degree murder.

Continue for our previous coverage of the Timothy Baca arrest, including more photos and a video.

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Bradford Ashington
Bradford Ashington

...when "we" as a country grow up and start taking mental illness much more seriously, but then that could possibly result in institutionalizing a sizable portion of the religious/superstitious population, so there u go

Dan Scott
Dan Scott

When will we as a country grow up and stop taking ghost stories and fairy tales as fact? Enough already.


Good point. However, you and others should watch how you bandy about the phrase "mental illness". It refers to culture, not science. There is no lab test for so-called "mental illness". 

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