Abdu Latif Kazembe Abunantambu-el's obsession with woman leads to murder

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Abdu Abunantambu-el. Photos and more below.
Abdu Latif Kazembe Abunantambu-el is said to have known Christine Kernan for less than a week when he showed up at her home. But his apparent obsession with her quickly led to the stabbing murder of Levi Johnson, a guest whose attempts to defend her ended in tragedy.

Now, Abunantambu-el has been sentenced to thirty years in the killing -- the brutal capstone of a lengthy criminal career.

According to the First Judicial District DA's office, Abunantambu-el's conviction in Johnson's death was his seventh for a felony -- and because the court that ruled on his case found him to qualify as a habitual criminal, his sentence was enhanced.

The incident that took Johnson's life got underway on the evening at August 24, 2012 at Kernan's home, located at 5840 Pierce Street in Arvada, an area captured in the following interactive graphic. If you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

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Prior to that night, Abunantambu-el, who was also known as Paul McKnight, had been harassing Kernan from a distance. The DA's office maintains that he was fixated on her and called her repeatedly before showing up at her place.

Levi "Bubba" Johnson's grave marker at Fort Logan National Cemetery.
When he arrived, Kernan wasn't alone. She was entertaining Johnson, nicknamed Bubba, and his wife -- and when Abunantambu-el pushed his way inside and began attacking Kernan, Johnson leaped to her defense.

In response, Abunantambu-el beat him severely. Johnson fought back until Abunantambu-el found a kitchen knife and began stabbing him, the DA's office says.

Afterward, prosecutors say Abunantambu-el held Kernan captive, even forcing her to clean up Johnson's blood.

The killing was a shock to Johnson's family, which included a wife, three daughters and seven grandchildren. His online obituary include memories of his infectious humor. He was buried at Fort Logan National Cemetery.

As for Abunantambu-el, he was found guilty in March of the following counts:

• First Degree Murder (F1)
• Second Degree Murder (F2)
• 2 counts of First Degree Burglary (F3)
• Third degree assault (M1)
• Second Degree Kidnapping (F4)
• Tampering w/ Physical Evidence (F6)
• False Imprisonment (M2)
The result was a thirty-year sentence that should keep the 53-year-old Abunantambu-el in custody well into his dotage.

Here's the most recent mug shot for Abunantambu-el.

Abdu Latif Kazembe Abunantambu-el.

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fishingblues topcommenter

If his pop would have just named him --- "Bill or George, anything but Sue." 

Lisa Goodman
Lisa Goodman

What an handsome friendly guy. Who the hell is dumb or desperate enough to date that thing?!

Betty Miller
Betty Miller

Should have been given life with no possibility of parole. He should never get out no matter his age.


It's a pity you can't execute a person more than once...

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