Videos: Pilot Brian Veatch crashes a plane into a house he used to own

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The scene of the crash as seen in a 9News image. More photos and two videos below.
It was plenty weird enough when a plane crashed into a house in a suburban neighborhood in Northglenn yesterday. But even stranger is word that pilot Brian Veatch, who survived the incident (no one on the ground was hurt, either), once owned the house he struck.

Brian Veatch, in a photo from his Facebook page.
Veatch's Facebook lists him as a helicopter pilot with Airspeed Ag Air, but he also flies planes, as seen in this shot from the page....

...and the succeeding image, which finds him posing alongside 9News personality Corey Rose:

Veatch and 9News' Corey Rose.
Back in May 2013, Rose interviewed Veatch as part of a 9News piece about new tech that's helping personnel attack fires from the air; the clip is on view below and identifies Veatch as a firefighter in addition to his other gig.

Also spotlighted on Veatch's Facebook page is this September 2013 snap, captioned, "Flying the Geico Banner over Mile High before the Broncos Game:"

Veatch was pulling a banner on Monday, too, while at the controls of a plane owned by a local firm called Drag'nFly Banners. But the message on it got far less attention than did the aircraft itself -- and where it came to rest.

Continue for more about yesterday's plane crash in Northglenn, including more photos and two videos.

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Sarah Castle
Sarah Castle

^I said that myself! Lol There is no such thing as coincidence!

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