Chest-baring Colorado firefighters try out to become calendar boys

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Photo by Robin Edwards
Denver blog posts are really shaping up.

At our Show & Tell blog, Robin Edwards takes you to the tryouts for the Colorado Firefighters Calendar. Shirts optional.

Colorado Peak Politics isn't buying the new poll that shows Senator Mark Udall with a four point lead over challenger Cory Gardner.

Denver PR Blog shares its latest Great Moment in Advertising: a newspaper with a front-page story on an amputee and a promotional sticker for a tree service that asks the question, "Got Stumps?"

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Taylor Lawrence
Taylor Lawrence

Men are always getting sexually exploited. It needs to stop.

John Elliott
John Elliott

If it were guys ogling a bunch of half - naked women there'd be cries for blood and whining about sexism and misogyny screaming from your page by now...

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