Photos: 14 Colorado counties' (mostly lousy) ozone pollution grades from worst to best

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The American Lung Association's massive State of the Air report for 2014 is out, with the organization grading places all over the country in terms of air pollution, including Colorado.

Ozone-pollution figures for fourteen Colorado counties were available, and the ALA's judgments are harsh: Eight of the counties get grades of "D" or "F," with only two earning an "A." We ranked the photo-illustrated results, using data in other categories as tiebreakers and giving extra credit for providing data even if the scores are iffy. Count them down below.

Number 9: Jefferson County


Number 8: Weld County


Number 7 (tie): Douglas County

Continue to keep counting down the (mostly lousy) ozone pollution grades of nine Colorado counties.

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muhutdafuga topcommenter

The bat shit crazy among us deny that there are any problems with dumping tons of filth into the atmosphere.  They deny Republican Global Burning.  

How about those extreme weather events predicted years ago by educated Americans?

davebarnes topcommenter

Did you read the report?

Denver got a D in ozone for 7 "orange" days in a year.

A D for 1 week out of 52!

This is bullshit marketing à la Greenpeace.

And a B for zero "bad" days of particulate pollution.

The data are interesting and valuable. The grades are pure crap.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

... so which source do humans have more control over, you daft bitch?

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