Update: Remembering murder victim Isabel Pineda and raising funds for her funeral (1)

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Isabel Pineda. More photos below.
Update: Earlier this week, we told you about the arrest of David Pineda on suspicion that he'd stabbed his wife to death; see our previous coverage below.

The victim of this terrible crime has now been identified as Isabel Pineda, a professional housekeeper -- and tonight at 8:30 p.m., her children and loved ones will hold a candlelight vigil at her longtime home, at 1521 Carrol Court in Thornton. Meanwhile, some of Pineda's clients have set up an account to raise funds to cover her funeral expenses -- and one of them shares memories of a person who long ago went from being employee to friend.

Another photo of Isabel.
Here's the aforementioned remembrance....
Isabel Pineda was brutally murdered by her husband, David Pineda. She was an extraordinary person who was a housekeeper for several families; some for over twenty-five years. Isabel was more than an employee -- she was a dear friend to all of us. We shared in life's passages together. We cannot adequately express the devastation we feel as a result of her violent death. Isabel was a beautiful (both physically and spiritually) mother and grandmother. She took care of her family, extended family and all of us who were lucky enough to have known her. We knew David as well, and are shocked and angered that he would take such a precious person away from us and from her family. Isabel literally nursed David back to life, and was her family's sole breadwinner for many years, working numerous hours to meet the family's expenses. She never complained about the family and work responsibilities that she shouldered; her work ethic was impeccable. Isabel never came to work in a bad mood -- she was always pleasant and constantly voiced her appreciation for having a job. She had a loyalty to those for whom she worked that is rarely seen in this day and age. There are no words to describe our devastation and pain over Isabel's senseless and untimely death. We will miss her always, not just as an employee, but more importantly as a dear and devoted friend.
...and this photo shows information for the account raising funds for Pineda's funeral.

Our hearts go out to everyone who knew and loved Isabel Pineda. See our previous coverage below.

David Pineda. More photos below.
Original post, 9:57 a.m. May 27: Unfortunately, it's rare that a holiday weekend goes by without a homicide taking place somewhere in the Denver metro area.

This time around, the Memorial Day weekend was technically homicide-free, but only by a matter of minutes. Early this morning, a woman died a violent death in Thornton in what's being described as a domestic violence incident -- and her husband, David PIneda, 59, has been arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder. Here's what we know thus far.

The scene of the crime, as seen in a Google Maps screen capture.
At 12:05 a.m., according to the Thornton Police Department, officers were dispatched to 1521 Carrol Court to check on the well-being of a woman who lived there.

They soon discovered that she had been stabbed multiple times. She was raced to a local hospital, but the damage was too great, and she succumbed to her wounds shortly thereafter.

The victim's name has not yet been released pending her next-of-kin being notified -- but she's being described as the wife of Pineda, who apparently had fled the scene.

Jefferson County Sheriff's Office deputies eventually caught up with Pineda on C-470, where he was taken into custody and then released to the TPD for investigation of first-degree murder.

No motive has been released thus far, but a department spokesman reveals that the attack took place during a "domestic disturbance."

At this writing, Pineda is in Adams County jail pending what's expected to be the filing of formal charges against him. Here's a larger look at this booking photo.

David Pineda.

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More from our Mile High Murder archive circa May 13: "Sandra Mercado found murdered on Lookout Mountain, but was it the crime scene? (51)"

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This woman was a qrandmother to me. My tia had a baby with her son and we used to go over there all the time. Ive known them since i was 9, me and her daughter used to b real close. I never would have thouqht of David doing something like this. He always seemed so calm aand nice. Im very hurt he took her away, i know how devisted everyone is. My cousin just lost his grandmother. I love the peneda family.



This is just heart wrenching.. I knew this family very well. You would have never thought.... God Bless them and may he give them the strength, courage and healing they need to get through this hard time!! My deepest sympathy goes out to them... R.I.P - Candelight vigil for Her tonight... pray for this family..


Did you think he is perhaps stunned because he just killed his wife? He just lost someone he loved so much he would rather lose her than to see her with another man? Have you looked at his public record? Zero priors. A family just lost their mom and dad and maybe their grandparents or children. Awful. And sad for everyone involved. Including this man. He looks sad. And hurt.


He looks stunned because he just lost his wife. Regardless of how.


One of the hardest things to grasp on this road of life is that nothing is black and white. It’s never as simple as we want it to be. For those of you who know me, it’s shocking that I’ve come to that conclusion but what life has taught me is that there are no absolutes. Perhaps this is hardest when dealing with people; it’s easier to put them into boxes than to accept that we are multifaceted beings who have within us the ability to create and to destroy. It’s easier to judge someone based on our preconceived notions because that makes sense.

What I know is that good people can do bad things and bad people can do good things. It happens all the time and it’s better not to judge someone else because you never know what you might do. It’s easy to be on the outside and point the finger at someone else but much harder to step into their shoes and show some empathy. You don’t know their story. You don’t know the pain they are living with and if you did, you might not be so quick to throw them away.

I don’t like it when people hurt other people. It sucks. But instead of rushing to judgment, I’m slowly learning that it’s easier to lay down my weapons and open my arms. Cause I can guarantee that the person who is hurting others is hurting themselves and what they really need is love. They need someone to see past their dirtiness and find their soul. They need someone to see the best in them until they can find it in themselves.

Don’t we all, sometimes?

Credit: Lisa Vallejos. Wordpress Blog


Really.. shut up u babbling fools.. a family just lost their mother and their father on the same day.


I wonder how he passed the background check to get that knife...  Knives aren't registered?  You can just get them ANYWHERE?  We need to fix that.  We need to ban all knives with blades longer than 1/2"!  We need to prohibit sales of them at Flea Markets!  We need full background checks on people wanting to buy knives!

Didn't we learn anything from Jack the Ripper, the Manson Family, Jeffrey Dahmer, Mamoru Takuma, and scores of other knife-weilding sociopaths?

fishingblues topcommenter

I guess they had to pull his head out of his ass to get the mug shot.  He looks stunned.

muhutdafuga topcommenter

@YoMama If we could just keep knives and guns out of the hands of people with conservative mental illness!


@eldude @Ifwallscouldtalk I would like to repost a comment made by eldude. I agree with you.

 Isabel was a blessing on this earth, she touched and enriched so many hearts on her way, may she be in heaven looking down upon us and her soul may rest in peace.


I really don't have the energy to argue because I'm so emotionally exhausted . From mourning the loss of two people. Of course Isabel was a beautiful person. Anyone who spent five minutes with her knows that. But I spent a lifetime with both of them. So it's devastating on both ends. What he did is nearly unforgivable. And never justifiable. I was merely responding to the first insensitive and dumbass comment. Isabel loss hurts me strongly. But you nor anyone else is in my exact situation so I don't expect understanding.


Thank you. This is a multi-faceted story and I'm open MI did to everyone's reactions. Not offended at all. I appreciate your kind words.

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