Photos: Ten best first-round draft picks in Broncos history

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In anticipation of today's 2014 NFL draft, we recently posted our choices for the ten worst first-round draft picks in Broncos history.

Now, we look at the more positive side of that coin: the team's top ten first-round selections. We've included greats from yesterday and today, including three players on the current squad. Count them down below.

Number 10: Von Miller

Linebacker: Texas A&M

Number 2 overall pick in 2011

This is a speculative ranking to some degree, given that Miller was a brilliant defender in his first two seasons and a giant screw-up in number three thanks to assorted minor brushes with the law and a suspension that was followed quickly by a season-ending injury. If he wants to stay on this list -- and move up -- he must return to his earlier form...and lay off the banned substances. (Whether they should actually be banned is another question.)

Number 9: Trevor Pryce

Defensive tackle: Clemson

Number 28 overall pick in 1997

Pryce was a multi-year All-Pro and member of both the Broncos' Super Bowl-winning outfits. Watching him leave Denver in favor of Baltimore in 2006 wasn't easy, but we're over it by now -- and able to appreciate anew his skills as a pass rusher and run stopper.

Continue to keep counting down the ten best first-round draft picks in Broncos history.

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All this list proves is that the Broncos didn't draft a lot of their best players in the first round: Terrell Davis, Rick Upchurch, Tom Nalen, Karl Mecklenburg, Shannon Sharpe, and Rod Smith (who wasn't drafted at all), just to name a few.

fishingblues topcommenter

One might argue Chris Hinton, since he was the major component in the trade for John Elway.

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