Update: See mug of Anthony West, fugitive at center of Gary Revis mistaken identity standoff

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Gary Revis. More photos below, including a newly released booking photo of Anthony West.
Update with new photo below: If Gary Revis had simply remained cool, he probably wouldn't be facing major charges following a long SWAT team standoff in Aurora. But cool he wasn't.

Revis's actions after being mistaken for Anthony West, who's suspected in a domestic violence incident, have landed him in jail. Meanwhile, West remains at large as of this writing. Details below.

The apartment building where the standoff took place. This image and others from the scene are from 7News coverage.
At around 1 a.m. on May 20, according to the Aurora Police Department, officers were sent to a disturbance at 1921 Clinton Street.

Upon their arrival at apartment 101, they encountered a woman who said she'd been assaulted by her boyfriend, West.

By then, West was nowhere to be seen, and after cops took the woman's report, they split. But around 1:30 a.m., another call came into dispatch from the same location.

West had reportedly returned and made threats to the occupants of the apartment while brandishing a handgun. But as before, he made himself scarce before they showed up.

Under the theory West might still be nearby, officers canvassed the immediate area and soon came across what the APD describes as "a male subject matching the description of the suspect" in an apartment building hallway.

As you've guessed by now, this was Revis, not West.

But rather than explaining this as police moved toward him, Revis allegedly fled, winding up inside apartment 204 in the same complex.

The cops tried to push their way into the unit, but the APD says he slammed the door in their faces and blocked the entry with some kind of object.

He wasn't alone. Police subsequently learned that the pad was occupied by a woman and her four children.

Continue for more about the arrest of Gary Revis and search for Anthony West, including -- update -- West's booking photo.

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Paul Makolondra
Paul Makolondra

He shouldn't have ran, but he was packing and hes a felon so doesn't surprise me. If he had nothing to hide why run? This is his fault not the cops.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Stand Your Ground! -- Make My Day! -- a citizen has a right to defend himself against murderous cops and SWATzi's

Esmelin Espinal
Esmelin Espinal

The police caused the problem. Because "he fit the description". Black male

Pete Copeland
Pete Copeland

I really don't like this idea that we are supposed to be cool and calm and let the cops do their thing when all they want to to rape the human soul. And who knows if they are even cops, for that matter.

Pete Copeland
Pete Copeland

This is all the polices fault from the little i read here. I cant say that I blame him for running, they could have easily beat him to death and then maybe realized he wasn't the right guy through dental examinations or something, justified it after the fact because they were on a man hunt. Would you take that risk?

Joshua Aw
Joshua Aw

Gary Revis: Reasonably scared of men in gang uniforms.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@Paul Makolondra "If he had nothing to hide why run? "

LOL! ... clueless much?

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