@HiddenCashCO making Twitter friends $40 at time: Are more giveaways coming?

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Kirsten Duncan with two portraits of Andrew Jackson. More Twitpics and tweets below.
How does a new Twitter account get followers fast? One surefire way: Give away money.

Yesterday, the folks behind Hidden Cash Boulder tweeted clues to the whereabouts of envelopes containing $40 under the hashtag @HiddenCashCO. Now, less than 24 hours later, the feed has more than 2,700 followers, and that number's likely to grow given that more giveaways are said to be on tap for today.

The hidden cash phenomenon has its roots in San Francisco. The profile of @HiddenCash describes it as "an anonymous social experiment for good.... Real Cash hidden around SF & beyond. Find the $ -- share tweetphoto + tag @hiddencash."

Number of followers on the site: 240K.

The mainstream media has caught on, too, as evidenced by this tweet:

Yesterday, a tweet on the main feed suggested that the concept was coming to our fair state:

Meanwhile, @HiddenCashCO launched with this announcement yesterday morning:

Then, shortly before noon, came this....

...followed by an even more explicit tip:

Yep, the envelope containing cash was in the basket of a B-cycle, as documented in this tweet:

Clues to the whereabouts of more cash-filled envelopes followed, none of them especially tough to figure out. Here's an example:

Yep, the envelope was taped to the door of the Boulder Theater -- and Kirsten Duncan got to it first:

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Xander Tailor
Xander Tailor

Reason #445907-23509 why this country is circling the drain. Rather than applying this money towards world hunger, curing cancer/aids, etc., they'd rather just buy friends on Twitter. Stay classy, Earth...

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