Joshua Vohs, shoe-camera douchebag, gets four years-plus for porta-potty shots

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Joshua Vohs. More photos below.
Joshua Vohs is what's known in the incarceration business as a recidivist. Punish him for a crime -- say, taking the creepiest pics imaginable -- and it doesn't dissuade him from doing so again. And again.

Granted, he did mix things up a little bit for his latest gambit. His first two busts involved a camera on his shoe. Now, however, he's going to jail for an extended stretch after admitting to planting a camera in a porta-potty.

As we reported back in June 2012, Vohs first turned the public's collective stomach in 2006 over an incident that took place at a bar in Crested Butte.

An employee of the watering hole contacted police after becoming suspicious of the way Vohs was approaching women -- and those suspicions were well-founded. Turns out he had a video recorder strapped to his foot with duct tape, which he was using to capture images up women's skirts.

At the time, Vohs didn't admit the gadget was for getting a down-low view of the female undercarriage. Instead, he insisted that he'd used the camera to shoot from a dog's perspective while fishing.

World's worst excuse? Maybe -- but prosecutors made him a deal anyhow. He ultimately pleaded guilty to misdemeanor attempted invasion of privacy, an offense that earned him a year's probation.

The next time around, Vohs didn't get off so lightly in regard to his manner of getting off. In July 2011, he was arrested at a City Market in Grand Junction after he was again spotted acting strangely. Surveillance video from the store showed him coming up to women from behind and sliding his foot under their dresses.
A Google Maps image of the City Market in Grand Junction where Vohs was busted in 2011.
When cops checked out his latest doodad (a camera lens attached to his shoe top and connected via a wire to a battery in his pants), they reportedly found eleven videos featuring what the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel described as "private parts or undergarments" -- meaning, presumably, that some of Vohs's unwilling models had been going commando. Included in the collection was a woman urinating in a portable toilet -- a shot that would no doubt have won the approval of porta-potty creeper Luke Chrisco, who was actually caught hiding in one of the contraptions in 2011.

This image proved to be a harbinger. But first, Vohs entered into another plea agreement, admitting guilt to one count of unlawful sexual contact -- a crime shy of a felony. That severely limited the amount of time Mesa County Judge Craig Henderson could hand him. Still, Henderson hit Vohs with the maximum allowable sentence (two years in county jail), supplemented by a serious tongue-lashing. Henderson told Vohs that "short of actual penetration, this was a sexual assault" and lamented that he couldn't put him under a lifetime's worth of sex-offender supervision.

After serving his sentence, Vohs didn't exactly turn over a new leaf.

Continue for more about the latest sentence imposed on Joshua Vohs, including additional photos.

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He sure looks like Hillary Clinton.

Kaleb N Shannon Mickley
Kaleb N Shannon Mickley

Why be creepy. Just ask. Most women take it as a compliment and then the pics are many and good ones. What a wonderful example. ? How to go to jail.

Tina Degroot
Tina Degroot

I just signed a petition here in Texas about a man that did the same here and got off with no prosecution with up skirting! What a shame y'all want him? And let Colorado take care of what the system here thinks is OK.

Damon Medina
Damon Medina

What a creep what happened to the 3 strikes rule?

fishingblues topcommenter

Next move, he'll be in the porta-potty getting a turd's eye view, just like that nimrod in Boulder.  

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

... where drunkard biker-wannabes pose in their pretentious Harley leathers?

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

... if you don't want your snatch filmed IN PUBLIC, then don't go commando IN PUBLIC.

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