Reader: It's human nature for some people to do idiotic things
Courtesy Rocky Mountain National Park
Samuel Frappier on the Broadway Ledge of Long's Peak.
Our post about the rescue of Canadian teen Samuel Frappier from Long's Peak, which he attempted to climb without the proper experience, gear or clothing, prompted strong reactions from our readers -- particularly when it came to the question of whether he should have to pay for the crews that saved him. But this commenter argues that a certain percentage of incidents like this one can't be prevented.

Andres DeMorin writes:

Um, if you are truly aware of how basic human nature and curiosity work, then you'd realize that people will continue to resort to seemingly insane or just plain dumb behavior, regardless of any sign posted or the existence of any emergency rescue service within the vicinity. Some asshole will still feed the bears despite the signs explicitly prohibiting it; people still drive through flooded roadways despite numerous pleas by meteorologists and public officials to avoid unnecessary travel during inclement weather; lastly, some KID will try to prove his/her bravado amongst his/her peers by attempting to climb a dangerous peak despite a glaring lack of experience. The existence of rescue teams is because they expect a rather small segment of the population to willfully ignore warnings and engage in dangerous behavior without adequate experience.

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Bradford Ashington
Bradford Ashington

like commenting on social media..i admit it..I'm a fool! .heheheh

A Chris Heismann
A Chris Heismann

He's right. And IMO, the more you try and prevent stupidity with laws, the the more stupidity you ultimately end up with.

Britni Sumpter
Britni Sumpter

Its true, don't try and say you have done nothing stupid.

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