Margarita and beer prices going up because of lime shortage?

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Denver blog posts are feeling salty today.

Our Cafe Society blog notes that Benny's is raising its beer and margarita prices -- and puts the blame on a shortage of limes.

Coyote Gulch reveals that watering restrictions are off the table in Colorado Springs this season.

Big Media's Jason Salzman has some ideas about how senatorial hopeful Cory Gardner can un-endorse a federal personhood measure.

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Sean Nallen
Sean Nallen

Go buy limes at the store and see for yourself

Jimmy Bernat
Jimmy Bernat

As a restaurant owner I've gotta say the places subbing in lemons or raising prices are ridiculous . Every few months a produce item skyrockets and every time owners freak out. I would never deprive my customers of an item that is a integral to a drink or dish . Lemon is not a food substitute . Like prices are already falling , still more then double the norm. Only change we made is only giving limes if asked and using a slightly smaller lime. Raising prices on a high margin drink is ridiculous

Kev Markis
Kev Markis

Limes are expensive, they aren't free magical balls that fall into your drink.

Esteban Mainzer
Esteban Mainzer

so only rich people can afford limes. obama needs to scream "racism!" and draw a red line.

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