Marijuana: Operation Grow4Vets to provide free cannabis to veterans

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Last week, a bill intended to add post-traumatic stress disorder to the list of approved conditions for treatment by medical marijuana failed in the Colorado legislature-- a decision one advocate called "shameful."

Roger Martin agrees. He's the executive director of Operation Grow4Vets, a new project intended to provide cannabis for veterans as an alternative to prescription narcotics. The price? Free.

Martin, 61, is a Vietnam-era army veteran who also worked in civilian law enforcement during the early years of his career before going into private business. He's now retired, and he says his experience dealing with treatment for medical conditions dating to his stint in the service and beyond informed him about the medical benefits of marijuana.
An image from the Operation Grow4Vets website.
"I've always been very anti-drugs my entire life," he allows. "So years ago, when I was given Oxycontin for pain, and also Ambien, I realized I was probably headed down a dead-end street. Then, I met a doctor who gave me another drug, Suboxone, that she'd successfully used to get rich kids off heroin. But she didn't tell me it would take twelve to eighteen months to wean myself off everything -- and when I did it in five-and-a-half weeks, I wound up in the hospital.

"After that, another doctor suggested I try marijuana, and it made a huge difference not just for me, but for a lot of people. I met cancer patients who had remarkable transformations of physical appearance and overall health after they started using marijuana instead of narcotics."

More recently, Martin came into contact with "a lot of younger vets who were coming back from overseas with TBI [traumatic brain injuries] and PTSD and a lot of emotional issues -- and some of them were taking ten or twelve different drugs the VA prescribed every day. And that got me to thinking: Everybody's trying to make a buck on marijuana -- but what if we tried to do something to help these veterans for free?"

Continue for more about Operation Grow4Vets.

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Brandon Carrillo
Brandon Carrillo

Beats Prozac and Trazodone. I'd be interested in trying something natural and ditching the synthetic man made zombie producing crap I'm forced to shove down my hole. A good night of sleep would be great too! It's literally been years. Semper Fi, USMC COMBAT VETERAN 1st Tank BN 1996-2005

Nikki Dorritie
Nikki Dorritie

vets saved your ass when you sat your ass st home

Tessera Weiss
Tessera Weiss

with an epidemic of homelessness among vets is there risk of them taking it to the streets? I'm not really harping on public consumption but worrying about criminal activity that might spring up around vulnerable vets receiving such a windfall.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

The Greedy Big $$ Dispensary Cartels and the Insatiable Dept. of Revenue Tax Pigs are not going to like FREE pot being distributed on a large scale.

Why not give FREE pot to ALL legitimate medical marijuana patients?

... oh wait ... because the Greedy Pigs explicitly wrote a law that PROHIBITS dispensaries from giving away free -- hence untaxed -- marijuana.

muhutdafuga topcommenter

Saved my ass from what?

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@alphabet422  ... it's Michael fluffmaster Roberts proving the benefits of Patty Calhoun's policy of allowing Wastedword employees to get stoned at work.

fishingblues topcommenter

@muhutdafuga  Well it sure didn't save your ass from growing into the gargantuan monstrosity that it is.

Fat ass!

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