Matthew Caulk, sex offender, on the loose thanks to passive GPS system he's beaten before

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Matthew Caulk. Photos and videos below.
Fool me twice, shame on me? This saying resonates in the latest news about Matthew Caulk, a notorious sex offender who's been the subject of multiple nationwide searches.

Last year, Caulk vanished after taking advantage of a passive GPS system -- a device we'll explain below. He was subsequently recaptured and jailed, then released -- and fitted with the same gadget he'd foiled before. Predictably, he's on the loose again, and he has been for months. Continue for the crazy details, complete with photos and videos.

As we've reported, Caulk made headlines nationwide in 2007, when he was involved in a "consensual" relationship with a sixteen-year-old Lakewood girl.

matthew caulk victim.jpg
Amber Westbrook in 2007.
The name of the young woman in question -- Amber Westbrook -- earned lots of publicity at the time because she was considered a runaway rather than a victim of a crime. Indeed, Lakewood Police spokesman Steve Davis told ABC News during a period when Caulk was the focus of reports on numerous national news outlets, not to mention America's Most Wanted, that law enforcers had "absolutely no indication of any criminal behavior.... We don't have a crime here."

So why was so much energy expended to find Caulk both here and across the country? As 7News reported at the time, Caulk had been convicted of sexual misconduct with a child in Pierce County, Washington, back in 2002. That bust required him to register as a sex offender, but doing so apparently slipped his mind. Five years later, two warrants for failing to register were active in his name -- one in Yellowstone County, Montana, and the other in Lakewood, where, according to the now-offline AMW website, Caulk and Westbrook met at a community pool. Shortly thereafter, the site goes on, "they started a relationship."

matthew caulk 2007 mug shot.jpg
A previous mug shot of Caulk.
And then they vanished. Amber's stepmother dropped her off at CEC Middle College of Denver on September 25, 2007, but she didn't return home. She and Caulk were spotted in Morrison the next day, but then, they were gone.

Fortunately, they didn't go far. During the first week of October, they were found at a home in Morrison, at City View and Turkey Creek Road. Amber was reunited with her family, and Caulk was taken into custody, to begin another trek through the criminal justice system. The U.S. Marshals Service says he was sentenced in May 2010 to 45 months of federal prison for failing to register as a sex offender.

After being freed, Caulk was ordered by a U.S. District judge to serve an additional eight years on supervised release, with his first assignment being a Denver halfway house.

matthew caulk 3800 south ventura street aurora.jpg
The 3800 block of South Ventura Street in Aurora, where Matthew Caulk was recaptured.
Instead, Caulk split, prompting a February 2013 alert from the Marshals Service. Days later, he was recaptured at a residence on the 3800 block of South Ventura Street in Aurora. But debate erupted afterward when it was learned Caulk had been wearing a "passive" ankle monitor that only sends data when it's docked in a GPS unit, as opposed to real-time locating. In contrast, Denver uses the latter type of GPS monitoring for most clients considered high risk, including sex offenders.

Why wasn't Caulk, a demonstrated flight threat with a dangerous history, fitted with a similar device?

Continue for more about the latest escape of sex offender Matthew Caulk, including additional photos and videos.

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Bryan Clark
Bryan Clark

um, why is this thing free and at large? why does this keep happening and why did that rapist in the news get 45 days and probation? something very wrong here folks, also don't forget we are paying for all of this incompetence

Esteban Mainzer
Esteban Mainzer

but ya… let's focus on the REAL problem in america. "racist" NBA team owners.

Kristi Adducci
Kristi Adducci

Very comforting. Since he likes to beat the system....maybe remove the feet so he can't run

Andy Herrmann
Andy Herrmann

'Shockingly enough, Caulk promptly took a powder, and his whereabouts remain unknown at this writing.' -What does this mean?

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

So what -- exactly -- does "registration" prevent?

Damon Medina
Damon Medina

This makes me sick our justice system is a joke.

Mike Renna
Mike Renna

Because Colorado does not want to put people in jail. They try and tie you up in the system on probation. They want the money

Ross McAfee
Ross McAfee

I hope they catch him so they can try it again! Smh

Bryan Clark
Bryan Clark

brilliant, why does this keep happening?

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