Stephen "Gaterwolf" Ketcher, ex-pro wrestler, accused of wrestling with underage girl

Stephen "Gaterwolf" Ketcher in action during the '80s. See more photos and videos below.
Back in the day, Stephen "Gatorwolf" Ketcher was a professional wrestler with a national reputation and bouts against the likes of Randy "Macho Man" Savage.

Now, however, he's facing allegations that he grappled sexually with a fifteen-year-old girl. Photos, videos and more below.

The Internet Wrestling Database page devoted to Ketcher lists his city of birth as Denver and notes eleven pay-per-view matches during his career, all conducted under the auspices of the World Wrestling Federation.

Here's a video of Ketcher taking on Savage.

Another clip posted by Ketcher's son, Logan, shows Gatorwolf in an '80s era ninja movie taking some kicks to the chops.

Ketcher's Facebook page and one pertaining to a production company, Warpath Promotions, feature plenty of vintage Gatorwolf shots, including this one....

...and this one:

In recent years, however, WJXT-TV in Jacksonville, Florida reports that he supplemented his income by working as a long-haul truck driver. He's said to have ties to Florida, Ohio, Utah, Oklahoma and Colorado.

His alleged actions in the latter led to a nationwide alert.

Continue for more about the arrest of Stephen "Gaterwolf" Ketcher, including additional photos.

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Heather Doozer
Heather Doozer

so, now we're taking sexual molestation of children lightly? Things just keep getting better and better.

Jay Polo
Jay Polo

I loved wrestling when I was a kid but I dont remember this guy

fishingblues topcommenter

I guess Ketcher caught her, but he should have thrown her back.

No tolerance for baby rapers, we'll cut you no slack.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Did the girl consent ?



Isn't that Chief Jules Strongbow? 

Didn't he win the tag team championship with his brother Chief Jay?

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