"Suck Fail:" DMV-hearings password list prompts investigation

Big photos and more below.
Fox31 has discovered a list of passwords being circulated among government employees in charge of driver's license suspension hearings. They include such gems as SuckFail, CuzUDrnk ("Because You're Drunk") and URSkrood ("You Are Screwed").

At this point, it's unclear whether the passwords, designated for each month from 2011 through 2014, are real or a joke. But the station reveals an investigation is underway to determine if they indicate a bias against the folks who come to these employees on a daily basis seeking to get back driving privileges.

Do you think these passwords an example of people in a high stress job simply blowing off steam? Or offensive proof of impartiality? Judge for yourself after reading the complete photo-illustrated list, followed by the Fox31 report.

2011 passwords:


Password: UWalkNow

Translation: You Walk Now


Password: BikeSale

Translation: Bike Sale


Password: NoWining

Translation: No Whining


Password: SR22BYBY

Translation: SR-22 Bye Bye [An SR-22 is a proof-of-insurance form]


Password: HTO5Anno

Translation: Habitual Traffic Offender 5-Years


Password: ILuvGGCC

Translation: I Love GGCC [This is a reference to the Department of Revenue computer system]


Password: AppealMe

Translation: Appeal Me


Password: Mbulatory

Translation: Ambulatory


Password: CantHelp

Translation: Can't Help


Password: Refus1yr

Translation: Refusal 1-year


Password: UrProblm

Translation: Your Problem


Password: Bisroute

Translation: Bus Route

Continue to read more entries on the list of passwords from DMV hearings employees plus a video.

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Last post, I promise!  Michael Genoways, the head hearing officer dude, got fired.    Hahahaha, my new password is,    No-Job-4U-You-A-Hole!

Upon reflection, I'm going to out the former "Official DMV Transcriptionist" as a Domestic Violence Multiple Offender, and a prostitute-obsessed wannabee-client "John" who goes by urfan on a local prostitute-John website called  He hangs out in the chat room late at night and his screen name is urfan Bob.  His name is Bob Clark. 

Hey Westword, want to update your article?  "DMV Hearings Transcibed by notorious Hooker Client/Troll urfan."


There's another one of the DMV Hearing Officer telling the cop to STFU about the driver refusing a test.  Appsarerntly cop hadn't heard of "Missouri v McNeely"

Hilarious!  The DMV Hearing Officer was like, "I don't need to hear that!  I don't need to hear that!"  and the officer was oblivious to the constitutional violation and kept talking.  OMG, this is stuff you can't make up!  it's unbelievable!

Where should I post these?  I've got some of the actual sound recordings as well as all the transcripts.


Last year, I rented a room from a creepy old con artist who, with the help of a creepy old DUI attorney,  scammed himself a job as a DMV Hearings "official" transcriptionist.   Creepy old transcriptionist was too broke to afford a decent computer or software, snuck and used mine, so ... now I have like 100+ "official" DMV Transcripts on my computer!

I want to publish these because they're hilarious.  One is of a paraplegic in the back of an SUV charged with DUI.  The Hearing Officer ruled the poor guy was "in control of a vehicle" even though the vehicle didn't have hand controls and he's paraltzed from the waist down.  This stuff you CAN'T make up!

Where should I post it?  We all need a good laugh, and this is total slapstick stupidity!


Haha, DMV is totally stupid as well as corrupt.   Some of these passwords still work!   Umm, according to rumor ... ;-p


I thinks its hilarious.  AND my two cents: I went to the DMV in Lakewood last week and was treated well and professionally.  Kudos to them.


The one time I had to ask for my license back in a DMV hearing, the arresting officer was also present at the hearing. To my surprise, the DMV hearing officer was totally on my side, and seemed to take pleasure telling police they were wrong. She (DMV hearing officer) handed me my license back, looked at the police officer and said, "the license is reinstated", looked back at me and said, "have a nice day".

Zachary Ari
Zachary Ari

This doesn't change how I fucking detest a trip to the DMV. I also lol'd.

Frank Zajic
Frank Zajic

Unprofessional, but there is probably some truth to the passwords. If you look at cases all day you have a good idea what's going to happen.

John Wolfe
John Wolfe

It's bad professional behavior, and it also shows a lack of leadership and managerial acumen above them.

Shain Bowman
Shain Bowman

Proof is that only 10% of dmv hearing cases get passed...

Bobbi Chappell
Bobbi Chappell

I think it's funny. Why aren't we allowed to laugh at the stupidity of others? Maybe if they knew they were being laughed at, they would try harder to not fail at life. (that's my opinion, but I hate moronic people, total waste of good oxygen)

Keith A. Badje
Keith A. Badje

Harmless. And if I had to deal with an endless line of grumpy people who were mad because of DL related issues all day, I'd probably have a nasty computer password too.


How is this piece four pages long without an explanation of what these passwords would've been used to access?

Lisa Ross
Lisa Ross

Yes a joke but not really professional behavior.

Darren Lyman
Darren Lyman

The intelligence at the state level is 0. The DMV is where he public eye crosses the state. Same shiz different day. The combined iq of every state employee is 5. It takes every employee to counter act low iq's like lickenpooper's.

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