Reader: Killers like Thomas Silverstein whining about the justice system makes me sick

Thomas Silverstein.
Alan Prendergast's recent post about convicted murderer Thomas Silverstein and a ruling that thirty years in solitary confinement doesn't constitute cruel and unusual punishment spurred plenty of comments on both sides of the issue. The following take is offered by someone who doesn't view Silverstein sympathetically.

Shonna Lynn Perrymond writes:

It makes me sick when a person can commit a crime like murder, then whine because the justice system should be nice to them. Get a grip on your reality. It's jail, not vacation!!!!!

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Steve At Work
Steve At Work

He's an animal, perhaps, and he may kill again but 30 years in the hole is beyond torturous. We ought not be a nation that permits such.

Roni Torres
Roni Torres

In my opinion, prison should be held like it is in super jail. Where you're given a drug and forced to live your fear in your head.

Haydee Schabelski
Haydee Schabelski

Why? So he can kill more inmates and another guard? He is a danger and has proven numerous occasions that he needs to be separated from the others.

Brandon Malone
Brandon Malone

He has done his time. 30 years of solitary is borderline cruel punishment in my opinion.

Matt Leising
Matt Leising

The basic rights are covered. Now he needs to quit bitching and do his time.

Brandon Malone
Brandon Malone

You still have basic rights even though you committed a crime.

ryan.cordova topcommenter

There's a difference between wanting something to be nicer and wanting something to be legal.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@ryan.cordova ... amazing ... proof that the random fluctuations of quantum mechanics can cause even you to get one right.

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