Aaron Egger, Denver cop, claims bogus "good buddy" was driving to get out of DUI bust

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Aaron Egger in a photo from his Facebook page. Photos and more below.
Yesterday, in reporting about the arrest of Denver police detective Daniel Diaz de Leon, we noted that seven Denver cops have gotten into trouble in 2014. But another Denver cop, Aaron Egger, narrowly missed the cut.

Egger was reportedly received DPD discipline earlier this year for a 2013 DUI bust during which he initially tried to claim a nonexistent pal had actually been behind the wheel.

Egger's Facebook page isn't especially active; the most recent posts date back to 2011. However, the address does include several photos, including this one....

...and this one....

...and this one:

Not highlighted is an image shared by CBS4 and on view below -- a small, black-and-white mug shot courtesy of the Thornton Police Department, which busted Egger following an accident last July 4 near the intersection of 120th Avenue and Holly, an area captured in the following interactive graphic. If you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

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According to a police report accessed by the station, Egger told a Thornton officer responding to the crash site that "someone hit us," with "us" described as "me and a buddy."

Egger added that he'd been coming from his "buddy's house" when the wipe-out occurred -- but instead of sticking around at the scene, he claimed the buddy "took off."

This story apparently didn't strike the Thornton officer as especially believable. After all, Egger is said to have been visibly drunk (he failed roadside maneuvers), and when he was asked for his driver's license, he handed over a Visa card.
Egger's booking photo.
Shortly thereafter, Egger consented to taking a blood-alcohol-content breath test and blew a .201 -- approximately two-and-a-half times the legal limit for intoxication.

In the end, Egger's buddy was never located -- big surprise -- and the officer wound up pleading guilty to DUI. His punishment, handed out in November, included a year's probation, 48 hours of public service, ten days' worth of electronic monitoring and an order for alcohol evaluation and treatment.

In addition, Egger was suspended from the DPD for sixteen days earlier this year, after the case had run its course and the investigation into his actions was complete. Upon his return, he was assigned to desk duty, since the only cars he's allowed to drive for the next year-plus must have an interlock device that requires a breath sample before it'll start -- and no Denver police cruisers are outfitted with one.

Detective de Leon is also manning a desk following his arrest on domestic-violence-related charges, and so are officers Jeremy Ownbey and Steven Sloan, who were part of a drunken brawl apparently spurred by wife-swapping gone wrong.

In yesterday's post, we wrote that the DPD may have to buy more desks -- but if this keeps up, it may no longer be a joking matter.

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More from our Colorado Crimes archive circa June 10: "See seven Denver cops to get in trouble in 2014, including just-busted Daniel Diaz de Leon."

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Shari Walsh
Shari Walsh

He should have said that someone gave him a (then illegal) "edible" and he wasn't aware that he was high.


Hey give the cops a break, they're hard at work protecting public safety, busting jaywalkers in Downtown and talking on TV about the danger. I wonder if they think that's how to combat hit and runs? .

Bradley Crable
Bradley Crable

Yeah a lot of us did have imaginary friends growing up...he turned into Jesus/God as we got older!

Kathy Jean
Kathy Jean

If that's the case, I think that he can claim anything he wants but it was Aaron Egger who was driving drunk, arrested and charged , and that's who should answer for it. #bsexcuse


So just within 2 weeks, we have seen one DPD officer busted for possession of child porn, a pair of them nailed for firing their weapons at each other in a drunken "swingers" brawl, another in Thornton who squeezed off a six pack worth of rounds into his own home in a drunken temper tantrum, and then this f*king assclown's own adventures in dipshittery happens a day or so after a US District Judge urges the Feds to investigate DPD misconduct. Last year, these same bozos got nailed for providing low-ball crime stats to the FBI for the national database so that it would appear crime in Denver is lower than it really is.  And still, both Mayor Hancock & DPD Chief White continue to prevaricate and hustle instead of making real and meaningful change, all the while wondering why the good people of Denver (and really, huge chunks of the nation) have lost all faith in the police that supposedly "protect and serve".

RobertChase topcommenter

Ridiculous!  No wonder pedestrians in Denver are not safe, with lying drunks administering the traffic laws.  WW should dig up some of Egger's arrest affidavits to look for obvious signs of perjury.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter


Because DPD tolerates and encourages Corrupt Lying Criminal Scumbags on their force.

whateveryousay topcommenter

If God smote me with that gal in your pic I'd be a little bitter towards religion too....

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@RobertChase "obvious signs of perjury"

His lips were moving.

Why wasn't he charged with FELONY false statements to police officers?

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