Photos: Top 25 most memorable mug shots of May 2014

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More big photos below.
No, this isn't a human Etch A Sketch. It's Justin Lamb, who was recently arrested for allegedly dragging a police officer from a car -- and not, apparently, for the "FUCK COPS" tattoo on the back of his head.

For obvious reasons, Lamb's mug shot was one of May's most memorable -- and there are plenty more below. Continue to see all 25 and be sure to click on the captions or links to check out our original coverage on each case.

Matthew Caulk.
Read more in "Matthew Caulk, sex offender, on the loose thanks to passive GPS system he's beaten before."

Monique Armstrong.
Read more in "Monique Armstrong's schmucky decision to break into jail."

Alton Kirkland.
Read more in "Alton Kirkland: Did he abandon his own kids after hit-and-run killed Jordan Sprouse?"

Christopher Perea.
Read more in "Christopher Perea murder verdict -- and 911 botch that foreshadowed Kristine Kirk tragedy."

Alex Martines.
Read more in "Alex Martines ID'd as man with fake gun shot by cops: Can you tell which of these gats is real?"

Continue to see more of May 2014's most memorable mug shots.

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Eric Matthews
Eric Matthews

And actually you do see dinosaurs around. Sharks, whales, crocodiles elephants etc.

Sean Gronbeck
Sean Gronbeck

^ such a big man you are. The most decorated soldier in american history was 5 foot 5. Btw dinosaurs were big too and we dont see them around anymore. Ha ha.

Eric Matthews
Eric Matthews

At Bradley Cradle. I've been in a few fights (not boasting about it), I'm not one to pick fights most of the time they are unnecessary, in fact vast majority are. but if I have to stand up for somone or feel the need to protect someone I will. At 6'2 and 230lbs just standing up is usually enough to negate a fight.

Bradley Crable
Bradley Crable

I bet you wouldn't.....easy to be a BIG man over the internet and hide behind your pc! SMH!

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

So you leave out ELWAY and include some guy from Texas?


Eric Matthews
Eric Matthews

Normally I'm not one to judge but something about this guy makes me want to beat his ass.

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