Photos: Ten best U.S. parks according to TripAdvisor, including one in Colorado

More photos below.
TripAdvisor has come up with its choices for best landmarks and parks in the U.S. and the world -- and one in Colorado finished very, very high on the list.

How well did it do? Count down the photo-illustrated top ten below, featuring TripAdvisor text and links to each location. To see the original post, click here.

Number 10: Falls Park on the Reedy, Greenville, South Carolina

Who would guess that a little detour off I-85 to downtown Greenville could bring you to this bit of paradise! The downtown has been revitalized and in itself, is worth a walk -- hint -- look for the mice! Every weekend is an adventure at the park featuring, at random various times - tai chi, martial arts exhibits, plays, artists, musicians, food vendors, everything a park could ask! The big surprise is the very contemporary Liberty Bridge that spans an amazing waterfall. The rock scrambling that ensues, while not advocated, is a temptation that is too much to resist. Plan to spend a day, have an ice cream in the park and explore!
Number 9: Forsyth Park, Savannah, Georgia
Originally named Forsyth Place, by the mid 1850s, one portion of the original lands of the colonial Savannah gardens were transformed into the Forsyth Park . Formerly the parade grounds, today Forsyth Park (Savannah's central park) offers the perfect place for a Savannah stroll, jog, or photography within the 2.5 miles of the Savannah Historic District....
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This is legit. GoG has long been a staple of the COS community and, it seems with this, with Colorado in general. There's some good climbs there but all the locals know Red Rocks open space is where it's at!

Becca Kreidler
Becca Kreidler

I think these are city parks rather than state or national parks. If the list is including state parks, they messed up horribly by not including Baxter State Park in Maine on the list. Dirt roads, no potable water, a crazy hike up a stream and over boulders to a mountain peak, Baxter is wild and wonderful.

Robert Hack
Robert Hack

No, stay away from Colorado. It's awful. Go back to California, New York, and Florida; nothing to see here.

fishingblues topcommenter

I believe you are correct Bec, at least with respect to "City" parks, given that each was identified with a particular city.  The fact that Michael Roberts misidentified the list as "Ten best U. S. Parks..." points directly to a sloppy lack of attention or research on his part. 

The TripAdvisor site says of GoG:

(Note:  the site also recognized GoG as 2nd best in the world.)

  • Beautiful and majestic. One of the best city parks in the entire country. You can hike, ride horses, picnic or just relax and watch the rock climbers.

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