Bradley Oglethorpe, sex offender, busted after returning to crime scene: a women's bathroom

Bradley Oglethorpe. Additional photos and more below.
"Creep. Perv. Douchebag."

That's how we started a post earlier this year about the search for a man who allegedly took photos of two little girls under bathroom stalls at an area grocery store. And now, following the arrest of Bradley Oglethorpe for the crime, we can add one more descriptor: schmuck. Why? Because he was busted after being caught in the same bathroom.
The King Soopers on Evans where the alleged peeping took place.
At about 6:22 p.m. on January 24, according to a probable-cause statement on view below in its entirety, two sisters, ages five and eight, went to the women's restroom at the King Soopers branch at 2727 West Evans as their dad waited outside.

While they were using the facilities, the girls heard clicking sounds and saw a hand holding a cell phone reach under their stall and take photos.

Upon leaving the bathroom, the sisters told their parents what had happened -- and a short time later, a white male emerged, offered a quick excuse and got the hell out of there as quickly as he could. The girls' dad gave chase, but the guy managed to get away.

A week or so later, the Denver Police Department issued a Crime Stoppers alert about the incident and distributed several surveillance images of the suspect. Here's the first one....

king.soopers.peeping.tom.1.jpg a second....

...and a third:

As you can see, the quality of the images is iffy, which made identification difficult. As such, the case was "inactivated" last month. But something that happened on June 2 gave it new life.

The PC statement says a King Soopers employee at the Evans store entered the bathroom and noticed male feet in one of the stalls. She informed store security, who quickly grabbed a man subsequently identified as Oglethorpe.

The suspect insisted that he was just making a phone call and hadn't realized he was in the women's bathroom. But after checking his record, cops called into the case discovered that Oglethorpe was a registered sex offender owing to a previous conviction for child enticement.

Oh yeah: Back in January, he'd been on parole and was outfitted with a GPS tracking device. The gadget allowed Oglethorpe's parole officer to check on his whereabouts back on January 24, and whaddya know: He'd been in a stationary position for nearly two-and-a-half hours at the King Soopers on Evans. A witness later identified him as the guy who'd been seen fleeing from the bathroom after the two kids had seen the telltale hand under the stall.

Oglethorpe has formally been charged with invasion of privacy. To that, we add: Creep. Perv. Douchebag. Schmuck.

Here's a larger look at Oglethorpe's mug shot, followed by the police report.

Bradley Oglethorpe.

Bradley Oglethorpe Probable Cause Statement

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Nathan Embree
Nathan Embree

I don't understand why you can buy a $15 web cam from a discount store, and still end up with better pictures than we see from companies that should be able to afford state of the art security equipment.

Bradford Ashington
Bradford Ashington

not even psychopaths with high-powered rifles who shoot up dozens in public places? good to know where ur priorities, lie, bub

Amber Rae Schultes
Amber Rae Schultes

Also, why do these men get parol for sex offenses?? Prison violence is the only way these assholes are going to learn to stay away from our children

Amber Rae Schultes
Amber Rae Schultes

Holy crap.... Look at that face people, he IS your neighbor, he IS that guy on the bench at the park, he IS the guy standing behind you in line for gas..... HE IS what every parent wishes their child never comes across.... Hope next time he ends up a cold case missing person.....

Rudy Santistevan
Rudy Santistevan

Fucking hate niggas like this fucking chomo ass nigga will get what's coming to him

Adrian Santistevan
Adrian Santistevan

FuckinG chomo! deserve to get smashed the fucked out! Nothing worse than chomos!


He looks like a typical Christian, "law-abiding" gun owner Republican.

fishingblues topcommenter


... and yet I bet he is a loony liberal just like the vast majority of deviates and shit-bags. 

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