Photos: Dave Nazeri still in coma after hit-and-run involving teen on learner's permit

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Dave Nazeri. More photos below.
At this writing, devoted father Dave Nazeri remains in a coma after a hit-and-run accident allegedly caused by Lucio Roberto Vasquez-Jimenez, a sixteen-year-old accused of violating the terms of his learner's permit, among several other charges.

Meanwhile, the Nazeri family is reaching out on social media, requesting help in covering the astronomical cost of care. And they're also asking for prayers.

On Saturday, May 31, at about 11:30 p.m., according to the Westminster Police Department, Nazeri was exiting eastbound US 36 at Sheridan Boulevard on his motorcycle when he was struck from behind.

Nazeri was thrown from his bike by the impact and was in critical condition by the time he made it to an area hospital -- but the other driver didn't stick around to render assistance.
A photo from the accident site courtesy of the Westminster Police Department.
Afterward, the WPD put out an alert for the suspect's vehicle, described as a dark-colored 2005-2007 Toyota Scion TC with heavy-to-moderate front-end damage.

Several days later, on June 3, the WPD revealed that the alleged vehicle involved in the accident had been located. Then, on Monday, Vasquez-Jimenez turned himself in. He was arrested on suspicion of failing to remain at the scene of an accident/give information or aid after an accident with serious bodily injury, careless driving resulting in injury, and violating restrictions on a temporary learners permit. This last offense suggests that Vasquez-Jimenez was driving unaccompanied even though he was required to have an adult in the vehicle with him.

Vasquez-Jimenez is currently being held at the Mount View Detention Facility. Here's a look at his booking photo:

Lucio Roberto Vasquez-Jimenez.
As for the Nazeri family, they're updating Dave's condition on a pair of Facebook pages: Pray for Dave Nazeri and the Dave Nazeri Get Well Benefit Fund. On Monday, the former shared this post:
Dave has been working hard today. He was having issues this afternoon but has pulled through and is stable again. He has pneumonia but is fighting back hard. We love you Dave and know you can overcome this!
Yesterday, the family followed with this simple message:
Driver has turned himself in. Don't stop praying.
Look below to see photos of Dave featured on the two pages. They're followed by information about how you can help.


Continue for more photos of Dave Nazeri and information about how you can help the family with medical costs.

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Eric Neff
Eric Neff

That same thing happen to me in pueblo in 2004 but they never caught the guy who hit me

John Elliott
John Elliott

Sounds like he was already a piece of shit if he killed this guy and ran

Steve At Work
Steve At Work

Well, that's one way to turn your life to shit.


It should be a very long time, if ever, when this punk gets his license back.

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