See seven Denver cops to get in trouble in 2014, including just-busted Daniel Diaz de Leon
Daniel Diaz de Leon. More photos below.
After the arrest of Denver Police Department Detective Daniel Diaz de Leon on charges including domestic violence and child abuse, 9News reported that he was the sixth member of the DPD to get in trouble over recent months. By our count, however, there have actually been seven -- a small total when you consider the department employs approximately 1,400 officers, but extremely troubling nonetheless.

Look below to get information on de Leon and the other six, as drawn from previous coverage.

Number 7: Detective Craig Miner

Detective Craig Miner in a CBS4 image.
Back in March, Detective Craig Miner was slapped for regularly rendezvousing with his mistress for sex at her apartment while supposedly fighting crime.

In a hidden-camera interview with CBS4's Brian Maass, the woman said Miner used to refer to their romps as "monkey business."

This business wound up costing Miner. He was suspended from the force for ten days.

Number 6: Detective John White

Detective John White in a CBS4 image.
DPD Detective John White, a well-known figure in the community owing to his work as a public-information officer, was suspended for his own sexual peccadilloes.

A former girlfriend reportedly accused White of having sex with her in his car while he was on the clock.

In the end, DPD investigators couldn't corroborate these assertions. However, there was no doubt about the presence of dubious photos on White's department-issued phone -- some 600 of them, many featuring nude shots.

He also used the phone to text things like "Nothing better than a nice hard round booty :-))" and "Gonna spank that little tushy :-))."

White was ultimately suspended for ten days without pay for misuse of his taxpayer-funded phone.

Continue for more about the seven Denver cops to get in trouble so far in 2014, including just busted Daniel Diaz de Leon.


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this is a Colorado phenom - that Sheriff in Arapaho with the tweakers...The Boulder PD's complete failures during the JB Ramsey fiasco...It goes on and on and on and on.... 


What is it with law enforcement and sex? I've lived in the area for fourteen years and I think I've read about dozens of cases of cops involved with rape, sex with kids, sex with prostitutes, and all kinds of other fun stuff. And not just DPD, it's in other departments up and down the front range. 

Suni Daze
Suni Daze

why arent the feds investigating them ?

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

On April 10, as we've reported, Det. Michael Ryan and a 49-year-old woman described as a known prostitute were found together in a car ...

Her name is Mo (Maureen) ... and she's nothing nice.


DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Proof that Denver Cops are Lowlife Lawbreaking Criminal Scum!

RobertChase topcommenter

According to the Office of the Independent Monitor, the complaint sustained against police most often is discourtesy.  From your line-up, it would seem the Department is most concerned about police having sex on the job (which should be an embarrassment).  While DPD is held to account for discourtesy and sex, what about all the very many false criminal charges and perjurious affidavits they file?  Police are held to account for minor misconduct for show, while the Department's policy of felonies continues unaddressed.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@RobertChase ... what about the BRUTAL VIOLENCE and MURDER of innocent civilians by cowardly trigger-happy scumbags with badges and guns?

RobertChase topcommenter

(which should have been "policy of felony")

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