Denver DUI attorney advertises on rolling papers

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Papers, please.
Lawyers have been known to use some pretty outlandish gimmicks to promote themselves. But one Denver DUI attorney is taking a route that has some people rolling up in laughter.

Or just rolling up.

Jay Tiftickjian of Tiftickjian Law Firm has been giving away packs of rolling papers featuring the phrase "Enjoy the trip, but don't drive high" to smoke shops, dispensaries, record stores and anywhere else he thinks might take them. The packs also have his office's contact information and tips on how to avoid a DUI under the cover.

"We don't sell them. We just give them out," Tiftickjian says. "A delivery girl from Jimmy Johns was just in the office for lunch and took a few. She loved it"

Jay Tiftickjian
Driving while high in Colorado carries the same penalties as drunk driving -- both are DUIs, although police have been on record about the difficulty of detecting and proving a driver is stoned.

Tiftickjian says only about 20 percent of his DUI cases involve weed, and most of those cases involved alcohol, too. But he wanted to let people know that driving is indeed illegal after smoking pot.

And if they happen to forget that for some hazy reason, call him.

"Obviously this is a marketing campaign," he says. "But I wanted to get a rise and a few laughs, too. Some lawyers wish they'd thought of it first."

Tiftickjian was watching TV one day when a "Drive High, Get a DUI" commercial came on. He says he still laughs when he thinks about it, and he wanted to promote himself in the same, lighthearted fashion.

He says he's been handing the papers out since April -- "after 4/20 unfortunately." He isn't sure how smooth the papers burn, but at least he knew enough to make them jumbo-size.

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Moonie Kim
Moonie Kim

Actually there is a number in big bold letters on the very front of the box that you can call to contact this lawyer.... I think it's tasteless advertising.

Paul Brown
Paul Brown

Glad to see a creative approach to the message of responsible consumption.

Beverly Jo
Beverly Jo

We put warnings on cigarettes, don't we?

Benjamin Bradburn
Benjamin Bradburn

Westword articles are like that girl who always gossips and tries to start fights between other people. It's pathetic. Every once in a LONG while a real article shows up, but they are fewer and further between. It's just sad.

Parker Otwell Roe
Parker Otwell Roe

Cue the disparaging, inaccurate, oh-so-cutesy, childish little jabbing comments about "dirty pot head hippies" in 3...2...1...

Devin DeSimone
Devin DeSimone

I don't see a huge phone number plastered on the box. But what I do see is a list of consequences if you do drive under the influence, as well as direct instructions not to drive high. I think even though he is a lawyer, he is trying to be proactive and maybe save a few lives and arrest records, maybe? I wonder how many lives might be saved from alcohol related accidents if big messages and a list of consequences were allowed on liquor and beer bottles?, glaring you in the face every time you take a drink or smoke, might make a difference, it's worth a try....... Or he's trying to be a greedy A@S and make money off the stupidity of people who are willing to take the chance. That's a strong possibility too. We can only hope it's the first....

RobertChase topcommenter

For a lawyer to solicit clients facing charges of DUI by encouraging people to enjoy cannabis definitely is counterproductive; if as Dr. Rees of UC Denver has it, drivers' substitution of cannabis for alcohol has caused our rate of traffic fatalities to drop, it is reasonable to infer that fewer drivers should be stopped for reasonable suspicion that they may be intoxicated in the first place.  Perhaps Mr. Tiftickjian should add a "D" to "DUI" and hope that the prohibitionists' initiative to crank up arrests for supposed driving impairment caused by THC bears fruit.

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