Photos: Tourists' ten favorite Denver shopping and entertainment centers in 2013

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Number 6: Park Meadows Retail Resort
Welcome to Park Meadows, "Colorado's Only Retail Resort" and the largest enclosed shopping center in Colorado. With 185 popular retailers and restaurants; American Girl, Microsoft, Nordstrom, Sephora, and more, shoppers enjoy the lush landscaping, soaring timber ceilings and relaxing outside beside a bubbling stream in The Vistas.

Number 5: Denver Pavilions

16th Street is packed with restaurants, cafes, public art -- and of course, a cornucopia of shopping options, including Denver Pavilions (500 16th St.). Multi-leveled booksellers, expansive brand name stores, quaint gift shops and more all make their home here. Just start strolling (or hop on the free shuttle that runs the length of the mall) and you're sure to find something to your liking in no time.

Continue to keep counting down tourists' ten favorite Denver shopping and entertainment centers in 2013.

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Nate Balfour
Nate Balfour

Denver Pavilions and 16th Street Mall? These lists are stupid...

Mary Jane Martin
Mary Jane Martin

How did they miss Pearl St? Or Red Rocks? Tourists just come for the malls... lol

Jay Adams
Jay Adams

Ok, no way the order of this list is even close to accurate.

Jacqueline Callas
Jacqueline Callas

We'll laid out! These are the best shopping districts/ bar scenes in Colorado, I agree and I'm a Native! :)

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