Marijuana: Google Maps categorizes medical pot with hospitals, urgent care facilities

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The federal government might not accept marijuana as a form of medicine, but Google sure does.

Entering the search terms "hospital" or "health center" brings up multiple medical marijuana dispensaries and evaluation centers, as do searches for "wellness center" and "health services." Here's a Google Maps screen capture as an example:

Google Maps Screenshot
The dispensary listings pulled up by Google all feature the same red "H" symbol shared by hospitals, urgent care centers, chiropractors and other healthcare providers on the mapping service. Among many others, A Cut Above MMC, Altitude Wellness Center, Citi-Med, Colorado Alternative Medicine and Satica MMC pop up right along places like the Medical Center of Aurora and University of Colorado Hospital.

Check it out for yourself:

When asked about the red "H" designation by Westword, representatives from the pot shops listed above said they knew nothing about it and hadn't registered their businesses with Google to achieve such a distinction -- but all of them were amused by it.

Google Maps did not respond to our requests for comment.

This mark isn't exclusive to Colorado. Dispensaries and evaluation centers in Alaska, Arizona, California, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington and Washington D.C. all show up under the same symbol as hospitals and other health centers.

Google may need to change these symbols from red to green, or some unsuspecting patient needing a splint for broken bones may find a completely different kind of treatment. Although maybe it would help...

More from our Marijuana archive circa October 2011: "Marijuana: Colorado to formally ask DEA to designate pot Schedule II controlled substance."

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This brings up a good point: in Colorado cannabis cannot be prescribed in hospitals for pain relief but opiates have free reign. Ask yourself how this is possible. We need to change this. Hospitals in Colorado need to recognize the efficacy of cannabis for pain relief and prescribe it to patients who would prefer not to use opiates. You'd think this would be common sense. Instead we will have to fight for it. Let's do this Colorado and do it soon!

Paul Brown
Paul Brown

Leave it to Google to read our minds. Dude, I don't need stitches. Let's just go back to camp and smoke a bowl. :-D

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