Update: Johnnie Duran, eighteen, surrenders in hit-and-run death of his own uncle

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Johnnie Duran. More photos below.
Update: Last week, we told you about a fatal hit-and-run near 48th and Clarkson and the discovery of a truck thought to have led to a man's death.

Johnnie Duran, eighteen, subsequently surrendered in relation to the crime -- and the victim has been revealed to be Duran's uncle. Photos and details below.

Duran's Facebook page includes plenty of portraits, including this one....

...and this one....

johnnie.duran.facebook.3.jpg well as several ultrasound photos dating from last August and September. Here's one example:

Meanwhile, several family members are sharing photos of Eugene Guerra, the 58-year-old who died in the incident, which one describes as a "freak accident."

Eugene Guerra.
What happened? According to Denver Police Department reps who spoke with Fox31, Guerra was protecting a scrapyard when Duran drove up and started loading metal into the back of a Ford pickup. Witnesses said an argument ensued, after which Duran climbed into the truck and took off -- but when he did so, he allegedly struck Guerra and caused metal to fall on him.

Guerra was pronounced dead at the scene, while Duran split, only to turn himself later that same day.

Our sincere condolences to Guerra's loved ones. Look below to see Duran's booking photo, followed by our earlier reporting on this tragic story.

Johnnie Duran.
Continue for our previous coverage of the 48th and Clarkson hit-and-run, including more photos.

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None of u people no uncle n nefew were really close and the stories not right...the other guys that were arguing with my uncle and nefew should be held accountable for causing the fukn comotion!!


Wow.  I think I met this man, if he is who I think he is this man has a young son at my son's elementary school.  If this is who I think it is I met him and talked with him several times when he took his boy to play at the park and at the school.  He was a very kind man, gave my son and another tips on how to throw a football.  His son had quite an arm.  He told me all his other kids were older and he had to work to keep up with his little boy but it was the most important thing for him to be there for his son.  This is very sad and my heart really hurts for this family - God bless you all and I hope you are able to find peace with your loves ones in this very sad time.  

And I agree why make hurtful comments - no one knows what happened here but a human being is dead and respect should be shown for that.  The things you say I think especially online and in real life really do say a lot about the kind of person you are.  

Sophia Sovde
Sophia Sovde

Wow wtf Clara Madrid your family never had a disagreement??? Know the whole story and facts before you start judging!!!

Guerra-Mendoza Raqql
Guerra-Mendoza Raqql

Don't be quick to judge. The media will indulge in negativity, we all know that. Johnnie is loved and so was our Uncle. So please keep your negative assumptions to yourself. We need all the positive feedback we can get. The media is full of bs stories....

Sophia Sovde
Sophia Sovde

It unfortunately was a freak accident and be a lil more considerated to the family as they have to deal with the death of there uncle and there nephew going to prison now for his death.. his family will most likley see this.!! Just a little respect doesnt hurt!!

whateveryousay topcommenter

That's going to make for an awkward Thanksgiving.


TV news stories say they were related, in the dark, something went tragically bad.

Underground economy of metal scrapping

Benji Herrada
Benji Herrada

Yea I like the idea that's the first time I seen something like it!

Pheenix Wonder
Pheenix Wonder

I saw the signs on the way home at 2 am friday morning.

Yolanda Williams
Yolanda Williams

I like how they got the details of the vehicle out there. My beautiful son was taken in this manner. Bout time police get it right!!! SPREAD THE WORD!!!

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