Kings That Reck: See 15 places hit by one of the busiest Colorado burglary crews in years

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Quan Tam Nguyen. Additional photos, Google maps and more below.
They were known as KTR, which allegedly stands for "Kings That Reck," "Killing The Rest," "Keeping Things Real," "Killing Time Regardless" and "Keep Them Racks." And if the allegations made in a 140-count grand jury indictment on view below are accurate, the burglary crew of five men and a juvenile was one of the most prolific in years, swiping an estimated $660,000 worth of goods in the metro area and beyond and doing almost the same amount of damage -- mainly by crashing a stolen car through the front of an Apple store in Colorado Springs.

Below, get information about fifteen of the alleged jobs, complete with Google Maps from near the locations and details about each crime, in addition to mug shots of the five adults and the complete indictment.

Note: If you have problems viewing the images, click "View Larger Map."

Jamy Chan, aka "Regy." Like the others, he's accused of violating the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act; additional charges include robbery, burglary, theft, aggravated motor vehicle theft and conspiracy.
ADDRESS: 4970 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO
BUSINESS NAME: All City Hip Hop Shop

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DATE: 2/8/2013
DAMAGE: $640

ADDRESS: 2049 Larimer St., Denver, CO
BUSINESS NAME: Family Affair

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DATE: 1/23/2013
DAMAGE: $3,000

ADDRESS: 1685 Briargate Pkwy. #315, Colorado Springs, CO

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DATE: 5/5/2013
DAMAGE: $546,000

Continue for more about the KTR crew, including additional maps, photos and the complete indictment.

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Josh Bradley

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