Medical marijuana dispensary review: Earth Group Colorado in Denver

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In a way, I kind of miss the old Patients Plus. Not because it had good medical cannabis for sale. In fact it was quite the opposite. But I liked it because it exemplified the type of neon-green, warehouse-bud-filled dispensary I like to avoid -- and I would often point out the low-rent shop to visiting journalists I occasionally show around town.

I just can't do that with Earth Group. But I'm glad the space has gone on to owners who can do more with the shop than make it a stoner's dream hangout (minus the ability to actually get stoned).

Earth Group Colorado

4493 N. Washington St.
Denver, CO 80216

Hours: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.
Raw marijuana price range: $25/eighth-ounce, $140-160/ounce.
Raw marijuana price range (non-members): $35/eighth-ounce, $180/ounce.
Other types of medicine: CO2 oil, edibles
Online menu? Yes, but it is not updated..
Handicap-accessible? Yes.

The biggest change for the new crew was toning down the outside. Before, the green and white paint made it obvious to even the most clueless passersby that the shop was a dispensary. But the new, subdued blue-and-green paint scheme once again puts the building in the landscape background: The McDonald's across the street and the Hispanic superstore next door garner more attention.

Inside, staffers have given the dispensary a coat of paint and done away with the stereotypical stoner trappings that the previous owner clearly loved. No more black-light poster gallery, no more library of stoner literature strewn about the straight-out-of-CU-Boulder hippie lounge. On top of that, the once-proud glass gallery is now down to a handful of scientific oil pieces.

Hungarian Banana from Earth Group.
Otherwise, the layout remains the same. The lounge is still directly in front when you walk through the security door from the receptionist's window. The bud bar remains along the same back wall, and budtenders continue to stand on a raised platform behind the chest-high glass display case full of buds and (occasionally) concentrates. The shop usually carries wax and shatter produced with CO2 by the folks at EvoLab, but it was out the day I stopped by. Earth Group is going recreational at some point in July, but my budtender said a completely new storefront will be opened in the adjacent space, with the existing side staying medical.

My budtender was about as far from a "clinical"-type marijuana dispenser as you can get. I have no problem with tattoos whatsoever. But I'm always taken aback by face tattoos, mostly because my instinct is to say something stupid like, "Wow, those must have hurt," instead of having a normal conversation. I also wonder if they realize my internal struggle to look them in the eye while also trying to check out the ink work. And it's purely internal. My budtender was a really nice dude and easy to talk to about strains and effects. I just kept getting sidetracked by his body art. At least until he pulled out the great equalizer: jars of cannabis.

True Blue from Earth Group.
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Next Generation Health

4493 Washington St., Denver, CO

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

       Private Caregiver Arrested

DENVER  – It bills itself as a caregiver for medical marijuana patients in need — they give away marijuana and all they hope for in return is a donation. But now one of the operators is under arrest as two police departments are investigating what’s called “Okiebudz.”

Okiebudz was operating out of a home in southeast Denver, but has since moved after complaints made by neighbors to their councilman led to a raid.

Okiebudz has no license to operate as a dispensary, but the owners claimed they don’t need one because they are registered caregivers.

“People coming in and out of home, leaving with brown bags,” Councilman Charlie Brown said.

Police found a price list for cheaper than normal pot on a website for Okiebudz. That site indicated Okiebudz had a new address and they deliver. It’s now located in Englewood. When CBS4′s Rick Sallinger went inside one of the operators said they were not offering pot for sale.

“If we had been selling marijuana wouldn’t they have arrested us?” Brent Thompson with Okiebudz said.

CBS4 had someone go inside the store as a customer. That person was told they had to talk to a caregiver, and as long as they had an over 21 ID or a marijuana registry card they could obtain pot there.

Operators insisted they are simply medical marijuana caregivers who gift pot in return for donations.

“No charges have been filed, that’s what’s happened, that’s the investigation — there is no investigation,” Chad Thompson with Okiebudz said. “They took all my stuff, my money, my medical cannabis that all belonged to me, and they still have it.”

At the house where Chad Thompson lived nearly 180 plants were found inside and eight ounces of pot.

“So you’re perfectly within the law?” Sallinger asked Chad Thompson.

“Absolutely, 100 percent; come check us out anytime,” he replied.

Shortly after Sallinger talked with him, Chad Thompson was arrested by Denver police on charges possession of marijuana with intent to distribute it. Englewood police are now investigating as well.

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