Nancy Marks, bogus psychic, claims she remains in jail because she's disabled

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Nancy Marks. Photos, a video and more below.
Nancy Marks, a onetime psychic convicted of fraud for allegedly bilking clients out of approximately $300,000, has been accused of faking an illness in the past. Now, however, doctors cited in a lawsuit filed by prominent attorney David Lane say Marks has a legitimate ailment that confines her to a wheelchair -- and the complaint maintains that state agencies have responded by keeping her in prison as opposed to allowing her to move into a halfway house or community-corrections setting. Get the unusual details, plus photos, a video and the complete document below.
Nancy Marks's former business, as seen in CBS4 coverage.
As we reported in a May 2010 post, Marks, who was based in Lafayette, reportedly used her mental powers to separate customers from their cash by persuading them that "money is evil." She also allegedly asked for their credit card numbers in order to make sure they didn't include too many sixes, a number she considered problematic.

She must have been pretty convincing, because prosecutors accused her of siphoning more than $300,000 from assorted victims, including $50,000 in cash and credit-card charges from a single man.

Cut to October 2011, when Marks was scheduled to go to trial. But the proceedings didn't go forward for reasons detailed in the following excerpt from our followup post:

Marks had been fitted with a GPS ankle monitor -- a device she allegedly said she couldn't wear due to health problems that were later shown to be bogus. Thanks to the gadget, authorities know she flitted around the area on Sunday, as if nothing was awry. But at 9:30 p.m., she checked herself into North Suburban Medical Center in Thornton. She was released around 3 a.m. the following morning, but two hours later, she headed to Rose Medical Center in Denver.

Rose wasn't exactly the closest facility; prosecutors say she passed seven hospitals to get there. However, her attorney says Marks' doctor has admitting privileges there. She added that Marks was suffering from nausea, breathing difficulties and high-blood pressure that could have been caused by stress.

Nancy Marks in court circa 2012, in a CBS4 image.
While that court session didn't happen, the postponement only delayed the inevitable. That December, a jury reportedly found Marks guilty on fourteen counts of fraud and tax evasion, and in February 2012, she was sentenced to five years behind bars.

Even then, Marks says she was experiencing health problems.

Continue for more about Nancy Marks's lawsuit, including a video and the complete document.

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Andrew Padbury
Andrew Padbury

If anybody should have seen it coming it would have been her. Some Psychic.


Listen, folks.

MARKS is one of the most common Romani Gypsy last names. 99% of all "psychics" are actually the fabled Romani Gypsies. The "psychic" thing -- its the old style family business that dates back hundreds and hundreds of years. Conning the "gadje" (non-Gypsies) out of money. They look for easy meat, ie, a rich widow or a wealthy grandfather with dementia. Then, over time, the Gypsy "psychic" works on the victim, getting to know them better, and hopefully furthering and cementing the con. Then, when the time is right, they move in as a family and assist the "psychic" in their final step -- collecting the big money (usually as a personal loan) and fleeing to another underground Romani Gypsy neighborhood in another state, where they can basically "hide out". 

The money that is conned is split evenly amongst the family, and since the Romani Gypsies resist mainstream "gadje" culture, they don't go to school or integrate in mainstream society in any way at all, thus guaranteeing that the families become 100% dependent on the financial support provided by the con. They have become totally dependent on this and that is why the business continues to this day!

Interestingly, the Denver Romani Gypsy HQ is in Cherry Creek North, right around 4th Avenue and University, extending down to 2nd, and over to Josephine Street. Remember that "Psychic of Cherry Creek" sign that was on University Blvd for years? That is the epicenter of the Denver Romani Gypsy network. Today, they mostly live in the shadows and avoid drawing any attention to themselves, but with the vast recognition of Romani Gypsies in the media, through shows like "My Gypsy Wedding", etc, it's becoming much more difficult for them to remain a secret in the shadows any longer. 


Too bad she didn't  ' see ' the car wreck or fall, before it happened.

Because, then it wouldn't of ... happened.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

They should criminally prosecute Churches for the SAME fraud.

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