Porn, pot, drunkenness and brutality allegedly routine in Denver jail, new docs claim

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A surveillance image of actions at the heart of Jamal Hunter's lawsuit.
In September 2012, we told you about a lawsuit filed by Jamal Hunter against the City and County of Denver and individual law enforcers for failing to properly protect him before and after he says inmates scalded his genitals with boiling water and two deputies attacked him.

Now, a judge has unsealed documents that offer new and shocking info about the case, including references to porn, pot, on-duty drunkenness and brutality. Continue for details, documents and additional photos that may be disturbing to some readers.

As we've reported, the lawsuit notes that Hunter was arrested on April 29, 2011 on what's described as a "misdemeanor domestic charge" and placed in the Denver Detention Center's fifth-floor pod with a cellmate named Chris, "who snored loudly and frequently defecated on himself during his sleep."

jamal hunter wounds 1.jpg
A photo of Hunter's scalded genital areas included in the lawsuit.
As a result, Hunter requested that he be transferred within the same pod. Instead, he was sent to another one, where an inmate with Tourette's syndrome had a profane outburst in the shower. No fight actually took place, the suit maintains, but Hunter was shipped to another pod anyhow -- and this one "housed residents facing more significant criminal charges than his own," including some who were actively abusing drugs.

Again, Hunter complained, asking to be jailed alongside less dangerous inmates -- but the next pod he wound up in also housed arrestees accused of high-level crimes, including several who were gang members.

After these inmates threatened Hunter, he repeatedly made written requests for a transfer, but to no avail. Then, on July 18, the suit says his cellmates accused him of "snitching and insulting them behind their backs." Their alleged response began when one person put Hunter into a chokehold while another punched him in the face, then grabbed his legs and tied them together with string. After that, he was picked up and carried to a bed, where he was again slugged in the face, resulting in a broken nose.

jamal hunter wounds 2.jpg
Another photo showing burns to Hunter.
Next, he was untied, ordered to strip and told to enter the cell's shower. He was afraid he was going to be raped, but instead, he was punched a few more times before an inmate returned with a container of scalding water and poured its contents on his waist, thighs and genitals.

At that point, Hunter passed out, only to awaken some time later screaming in agony, the suit says. But Deputy Gayle Rumer, on duty in the unit, is alleged to have been "deliberately indifferent to Mr. Hunter's safety, by failing to protect him from other inmates and by failing to respond to the assault and burning in a timely manner."

Continue to read more about the assault, as well as to see additional photos, the lawsuit and more.

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Mike Renna
Mike Renna

Duh. Police are just strung out steroid users who were picked on in school and now have power. We give them a slap on the wrist so they keep doing it

Lesa Theaman
Lesa Theaman

This all sounds pretty believable. Yuck DPD...No consciousness, humanity, or ethics.

Bryan Moberg
Bryan Moberg

whats wrong with giving them porn? seems like that would help keep them compliant and reduce prison rapes.

Fred Huber
Fred Huber

Porn, pot, & drunkenness??? Sounds like their weekend was better than mine!

Nicholas C. Naranjo
Nicholas C. Naranjo

Why is this not shocking to me. Oh maybe because most pigs are scum that overly abuse power of authority and walk around thinking they can do whatever they please.

Nicholas Richter
Nicholas Richter

So shocking that many police officers are scumbags with superiority complexes.

muhutdafuga topcommenter

This shows we're ready to host the RNC.


Gee, if there were only some previous warning signs that law enforcement had been infiltrated with criminal types that have no respect for the law or human life. Kinda like a bunch of prior incidents of assault, perjury, rape, theft, and murder. If we only saw this coming. Sarcasm.


So what do our mayor and governor have to say about this? Oh...right....

RobertChase topcommenter

Citizens should surround the central jail and apprehend the criminals as they get off their shift -- what to do with them though?

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Porn, pot, drunkenness ... like every issue of Wasteword.

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