Video: Is Red Rocks shooting tied to Schoolboy Q's Denver dust-up with "bitch-ass nigga"?

A screen capture of Schoolboy Q on stage at the Ogden in March. Video below.
As we've reported, authorities looking into last week's triple shooting at Red Rocks now believe the target was likely Schoolboy Q, one of the show's headliners. He was uninjured, but three other people joining him in a bullet-riddled SUV were hurt.

Now, investigators are looking at a possible connection between this incident and one from March, when Schoolboy Q got into mid-concert confrontation with an alleged "bitch-ass nigga" who inspired him to say, "I hope your mother dies tonight." See video of the dust-up below.

The show in question took place at the Ogden Theatre on March 27 -- a gig Schoolboy Q hyped with this tweet....

...and this one.... well as the following message and photo combo:

Despite the items seen in this Twitpic, the gig itself wasn't especially mellow. As detailed in a Reverb post published the next day, Schoolboy Q was performing when he was struck in the chest by an object thrown from the audience. He reacted by jumping into the crowd, microphone in hand, to confront the person he thought was responsible.

As seen in a video posted to YouTube, Schoolboy Q can be heard asking, "Did he throw it? Did he throw it? Don't lie to me, bruh. Did he throw it? Don't be a little bitch and start comin' and cryin', you faggot."

A moment later, Schoolboy Q is seen working his way back onto the stage, where he announces, "Whoever threw that is a bitch-ass nigga and I hope your mother dies tonight.... You're a coward. I swear to God, I hope your mother dies tonight, you coward faggot bitch."

Here's the clip.

Schoolboy Q didn't mention this incident on Twitter after the show. Instead, he saluted a couple of Denver Nuggets who'd attended:

Still, might there be a connection between this confrontation and what happened at Red Rocks? CBS4 cites a law-enforcement source as saying investigators "are looking into whether that incident might be related to the Red Rocks shooting."

Here's the CBS4 report.

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More from our Colorado Crimes archive circa June 23: "Red Rocks shooting update: Alleged Schoolboy Q targeting, questions about search."

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